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Damon Stoudamire

Damon Stoudamire has proved people wrong his entire life. Prior to his career in pro basketball, the point guard was told he was “too short to play professionally.” In the 1995 NBA Draft, Damon was selected as the seventh overall draft pick by the Toronto Raptors. Following a successful first season in the NBA, he […]


Zahra Ebrahim

Zahra is the CEO and Co-Founder of Monumental. She is a public interest designer and strategist focused on deep, community-led approaches to policy, infrastructure, and service design. She is an established bridge-builder across grassroots and institutional spaces and is a leading practitioner in reforming institutions to be more human-centred and equitable. She serves as an […]


The Rebel Mama

Nikita Stanely and Aleks Jassem are definitely not regular moms… In 2014, the two combined their talents and a mutual distaste for the typical mommy rhetoric to create The Rebel Mama. Adored by moms around the globe, these “mommy-group drop-outs” use their platform to smash stigmas, create safe & judgement-free spaces, and foster community connections […]


Takara Small

Takara Small is a gifted multitasker. She appears on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning as a technology columnist, discussing the latest tech trends, breaking news and more. Additionally, Takara is heard on “I’ll Go First,” a podcast which she hosts, and co-produces with the Globe and Mail. “I’ll Go First,” was named Canada’s number one tech […]


Stephen Carter

The National Post, CBC and other political commentators have described Stephen Carter as a “political mastermind.” In reality, he is at the forefront of a new political class focused on post-partisan politics. He led Alison Redford’s successful race for the Progressive Conservative Association leadership bid in Alberta, as well as her come-from-behind campaign for premier […]