About Leslie

Leslie Richardson is a community leader. 

She is a mom of four, a teacher, a facilitator and a Peaceful Parenting coach. She is passionate about bringing people together, communicating powerfully, connecting deeply, creating community and building empathy.

Leslie studied Psychology, Drama and Education at Queens University and has additional qualifications in Special Education and Guidance Counselling. She has deepened her connection and compassion skills through working as an inner-city K-8 Special Education teacher, creating and facilitating empathy groups for teens and parents, and as a mother of four strong-willed, deeply feeling, wildly curious children who inspire her to keep growing up and to work on her self-regulation skills every single day.

It is the dualities of the wholehearted bittersweet reality of being an imperfect parent and human that she loves most.

Leslie is also the Director of Communications for Neil Pasricha. You can get a taste of some of her work by reading this article or these book guides or by listening to her with Brené Brown or Kristen Neff or on Self-Compassion in Parenting.

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