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Former NBA Rookie of the Year and Toronto Raptor Great, Damon Stoudamire

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 5.59.07 PM

Damon Stoudamire- Head Coach, University of the Pacific Men’s Basketball

Affectionately known to fans as the one and only, “Mighty Mouse,” Stoudamire- now an NCAA Division 1 coach, speaks to teamwork, leadership and finding your competitive advantage. VIEW HIS PROFILE.



Nav Bhatia
Official Raptors Superfan

Sage Paul _ Square Image _ Sept 2018

Sage Paul
Indigenous Fashion Designer

Roberta Bondar _ Web Image 3 _ Sept 18, 2017

Roberta Bondar
First Canadian Woman in Space

Justin Ling

Justin Ling
Host, Uncover: The Village Podcast



We work with the absolute best across a variety of industries. From business icons to NHL All-Stars and former Prime Ministers to the odd celebrity impersonator - we deliver what’s best for your audience.


If we recommend someone, it means we have vetted them, their content and their impact they will have on your audience.


Simply put, we treat you as we like to be treated. We offer quick service, truly customized recommendations, transparency and hopefully a laugh or two along the way.

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Talent Bureau – What is Talent?

We know it when we see it: Michael Jordan is a talented basketball player, Steve Wozniak is a talented programmer, and Joni Mitchell is a talented songwriter. Talent is often called a gift, some preternaturally bestowed ability that allows the chosen “talented one” to succeed where others have failed. The world, then, is divided between the talented and the talentless, the genius and the merely smart, the savant and the have-not.

This notion of talent is a fabrication; fabricated in part by media, in part by our own hero-worshipping narratives. The idea that talent is inborn and innate, sufficient on its own to create success – it doesn’t hold up. Michael Jordan exercised and hit the hoops for countless hours, Wozniak bent over backwards day and night to create complex code, and Joni Mitchell eats, sleeps and breathes music. Preference might be with you from the start; you might begin by having certain physical or mental aptitudes that draw you to a particular hobby, but talent – that takes hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears.

That name, Talent Bureau, it leads people to believe that we’re in the business of showcasing talent – in a sense, that’s true, because some of the most talented people on the planet can be accessed through our services, true innovators in business and design, real masters of communication.


The goal, though, isn’t to show you how talented our presenters are; it’s to grow your own talents, to help you realize that your wildest dreams and ambitions are within your reach.


You’re the talent, and we want you, your staff, your members, your students, everyone to realize their full potential.

How does it all happen? We start with our incredible roster of presenters; true titans in their fields, they all showcase creativity, depth, and leadership. These figures, whose talents are highly developed, are grouped into a series of categories, so you can find the one most suited to the event you’re running.


Perhaps you’re looking for speakers who can help spur business growth, or who understand the importance of diversity to development. You might be a tech startup looking for entrepreneurs who know the field like the back of their hand, or who understand the importance of a sophisticated social media strategy.


You could want to inspire young minds with Olympic heroes or pioneering women who know that great risks come with great rewards; no matter what you’re looking to achieve, Talent Bureau offers speakers with the experience to make it all happen.


These speakers don’t just talk and run; they share our passion for igniting spirits to push beyond their limits and develop into something greater. They’ll offer insight, experience and knowledge tailored to your needs and audience; they are people who go the extra mile in everything they do, to help inspire you to go forward. The entire thing will be coordinated through our services, so you give the details, and we’ll do the planning.


Talent isn’t innate, it’s built. Build your talent. Choose Talent Bureau.

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