Andrew Au

Transformation & Modern Leadership Expert
Managing Partner, Intercept

When companies like Microsoft, FedEx, and 3M want to accelerate innovation, they call Andrew Au.


Referred to by Forbes as a “digital transformation expert”, Andrew helps organizations respond to the new culture and nature of work. Through his innovative work, he was the youngest person to be inducted into the Entrepreneurs Organization at the age of 22. He is among the few to be named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and has received over 50 awards for business innovation and thought leadership. 


What makes Andrew’s perspectives unique is that he doesn’t just study digital transformation and culture change. He makes it real for the largest organizations in the world, every day. And, he shares these dynamic perspectives with media such as Forbes, Business Insider, Tech Insider, Bloomberg, and BNN.


Andrew is the co-founder of INTERCEPT, a strategic consultancy that had led large scale system implementations and culture change programs.

In unrelated news, Andrew earned his Black Belt in TaeKwanDo at nine years old.


Building Team Culture Remotely

We’ve solved the individual productivity challenge with device docks, screens, remote logins, VPNs and the rest of it. The bigger challenge is solving for collaboration and culture.


Working from home can be great for focused independent work. Yet, the core workflows that create value in most organizations have become more collaborative and creative. Book this session to learn new ways to:


  • Reignite corporate values
  • Build new communication practices
  • Overcome isolation and maintain social experiences
  • Measure and manage team sentiment
  • Enable learning and development


Begin bridging the remote culture gap with this interactive session designed to stimulate collaboration when we need it most.


This session is resonating with companies as they’re gearing up for the virtual “long haul”, experiencing Zoom fatigue, and planning for hybrid team structures. Running it similarly on Kahoot, so it’s interactive and gamified throughout.

5 Ways to Navigate Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is the fourth industrial revolution. It’s much more than just digitizing paper-based systems. It’s about redefining how we deliver value to our customers, our partners and our employees. Hear about the latest technology, spanning e-commerce, chatbots, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, IoT, artificial intelligence, modern analytics and machine learning. More importantly, learn how you can use it to engage your customers, motivate your employees, transform your products and reimagine your operations.


Key Highlights:

  • Hear about the latest technology that’s impacting your industry
  • Get inspired by global customer examples of technology implementations

Canada and the “New Market” Economies for Automotive Dealerships


We live in a world of change, driven by the rise of Gen-X and Millennial car buyers, and accelerated by a technological revolution that is changing the way we live, work and relate to one another. In an era when Amazon is the 800-pound gorilla in every industry, and with its sights set on automotive, how can dealerships win today? This keynote addresses 3 fundamental questions—Who are Gen-X and Millennial car buyers? What are you saying to them? And how are you engaging them? Hear about the latest demographic trends, and take a deep dive into the Gen-X and Millennial buyer mindset. Understand their values, their desires and how they want you to engage with them.

Learn about new technologies that allow you to better engage with car buyers before they step foot onto your lot. Know how to generate and nurture leads, and manage the showrooming that’s happening on your lot. Book this keynote if you’re looking to understand how to future-proof your dealership.

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