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Marina Iakovleva is the founder of the popular YouTube channel, Dating Beyond Borders, which explores the intersection of culture and communication trends worldwide. Through her work, Marina educates her viewers on the unique ways culture shapes our views of the world, and teaches them how to build meaningful relationships in their personal and professional lives. 

Through her travel and research, Marina has acquired valuable knowledge that helps audiences elevate their communication practices. In her keynotes, she discusses the importance of human connection and relationships, and how creating stronger relationships improves teamwork and innovation. 

Marina began her career as a high school teacher, specializing in English and Theatre. Despite her love of education, her continuous fascination with different cultures grew, and she captured any opportunity to explore the world. Finally, she merged her passion for education and travel and began Dating Beyond Borders. Dating Beyond Borders provides viewers with insights into the histories, myths and social etiquette of regions around the globe. Recently, she also launched the Dating Beyond Borders podcast, where she interviews writers, psychologists, and popular creators on topics such as cross-cultural communication, the unique challenges of moving abroad, and the nuances of dating in different countries. 

Marina is also the acclaimed author of Sex Before Coffee: A Guide to Dating in Scandinavia. Her research has been featured in popular media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, EuroNews and DailyMail.

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