Mark Harrison

Founder and CEO, T1

Professor of Business and Sports Administration, Ohio University


A lifelong volunteer and entrepreneur, Mark is a passionate believer in purpose, be that brand purpose or encouraging people to be purposeful in everything they do. These beliefs lead Mark to create the award-winning marketing agency, The T1 Agency, and global sponsorship conference, SponsorshipX. Most recently, Mark founded the Black Talent Initiative, a movement dedicated to creating opportunities for young Black Canadians in the workplace. Over the past several months’ Mark chaired the Ontario University Athletics Task Force on Black, Biracial, Indigenous Issues, volunteered for organizations such as Blacks in Sports Business, and his agency has been doing pro bono work for the Black Opportunity Fund


In addition to his many efforts to create impactful, positive change, Mark co-founded Park Street Education, the first remote-learning school of its kind, which ensures children have access to inclusive and consistent education. Mark is also on the Board of Directors at Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada and a volunteer at CAMH Foundation


Most recently, Mark published his first book, ‘What Sponsors Want’, and is advising Humanity; a new creative firm committed to the greater wellbeing of the global human collective.


Finding My Voice


In 2019, Mark spent his days as the CEO of The T1 Agency and SponsorshipX Forum, a volunteer football coach, and an avid public speaker. He enjoyed travelling extensively, speaking at conferences all over the world, and donating his time to various volunteer initiatives. He did not think much about the fact that he was often the only Black person in the room. Today, in 2021, Mark is still those things, but he also runs a virtual school with a focus on accessible education and is a passionate spokesperson for anti-Black racism and mentorship, among other things.


There were many consequences to come out of the medical and diversity crisis of 2020. One of those things is positivity. In times of immense challenge and change, we are often forced to rise up. In those moments, there are opportunities, if only we know how to look for them. Using his personal journey, challenges, and perseverance, Mark highlights how people can deal with turbulent change and come out the other side, and the importance of finding and using your voice before it’s too late.

Leader or Changemaker?

The racial diversity crisis, on top of the unprecedented medical, mental, and economic health issues that began in 2020, has only accelerated the challenges that Canadian business leaders are facing.

The recent, multifaceted challenges are a priority issue for government, customers, shareholders, consumers, influencers, employees, and future employees, specifically in relation to the topic of race and diversity in the workplace. 

Business leaders are feeling the urgency to find an immediate solution. However, that can do more harm than good. In this presentation, Mark Harrison will share a long view blueprint for leaders to address the opportunities and challenges that social justice presents to their company. He will discuss the opportunity for leaders to act both as C-level executives and Changemakers. That personally and professionally, the pursuit of Purpose, Passion and Profit can occur congruently.

What Sponsors Want

The world of sponsorship marketing is far too focused on impressions, logos, and money can’t buy experiences – experiences which are miraculously secured with money.


Does any corporate sponsor really believe that more logos are what their consumers want? Do organizations selling sponsorship believe they have nothing more valuable to sell than digital and physical signage?


The traditional bronze, silver and gold packages of sponsorship is a model of the past. In this talk Mark Harrison will dive into his five principles of what sponsors want for you to take on your next sponsorship challenge.

Experiences Driven

We hear it every day, Millennials find more value in experiences over things. But what does that really mean? More importantly is it a phenomenon that is unique only to Millennials? What exactly constitutes an experience? By studying the way different consumers live, we can actually see that there is a much broader application of the expression “experiences”. In fact, everyday life is a brand experience.

In this presentation, Mark Harrison will explore this refined definition, revealing the increase in opportunities for businesses, charities, government organizations, and community groups. Learn how altering the value proposition to be an indispensable part of daily life will deliver significant rewards for your brand.

The Entrepreneur in You

Entrepreneurship is the leading form of economic growth globally. It has taken many forms, most unimaginable a few decades ago and without it, there would be much less innovation and investment. Even established organizations seek to harness a form of entrepreneurship as an approach and attitude with their employees, particularly when growth and profits slow.

Discovering the secret formula of successful entrepreneurship is the subject of significant study pitting ideas vs. execution, investment vs. endorsement, and genius vs. muscle. In this talk Mark Harrison, an entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience, will discuss what skills he believes every entrepreneur needs to be successful and how you can ignite employees to have an entrepreneurial spirit within the workplace.

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