Mark Harrison

Founder and CEO, T1

Professor of Business and Sports Administration, Ohio University


A true innovator and inspirator, Mark Harrison’s journey have taken him everywhere from student paper editor to soon to be published author, from super fan to coach and part-timer to the president. Founder of the T1 Agency in Toronto, Mark is a leading figure in the sponsorship and marketing industries.


Mark is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. In his almost 25 years of running a company, he’s experienced losses, gains, and some reinventions along the way – and he’s still loving every minute of it. After founding The T1 Agency in 1994 as Trojan Sports Marketing, Mark has gone to work with countless major international brands, sports properties and causes – including Nike, Nissan, Mattel, AIR MILES, Dairy Farmers of Canada, The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity – to develop game-changing marketing and sponsorship strategies and award-winning experiences.


A big believer in giving back, Mark continuously shares his knowledge and passion for marketing and sponsorship. He has spoken at numerous international conferences, which recently includes SportAccord, The Irish Sponsorship Summit, Ipsos Back to School Midterm, and is Chairperson of sponsorshipX, an international marketing event that gathers industry leaders from across the globe for a live-action conference experience.


The Entrepreneur in You

Entrepreneurship is the leading form of economic growth globally. It has taken many forms, most unimaginable a few decades ago and without it, there would be much less innovation and investment. Even established organizations seek to harness a form of entrepreneurship as an approach and attitude with their employees, particularly when growth and profits slow.


Discovering the secret formula of successful entrepreneurship is the subject of significant study pitting ideas vs. execution, investment vs. endorsement, and genius vs. muscle. In this talk Mark Harrison, an entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience, will discuss what skills he believes every entrepreneur needs to be successful and how you can ignite employees to have an entrepreneurial spirit within the workplace.


What Sponsors Want

The world of sponsorship marketing is far too focused on impressions, logos, and money can’t buy experiences – experiences which are miraculously secured with money.


Does any corporate sponsor really believe that more logos are what their consumers want? Do organizations selling sponsorship believe they have nothing more valuable to sell than digital and physical signage?


The traditional bronze, silver and gold packages of sponsorship is a model of the past. In this talk Mark Harrison will dive into his five principles of what sponsors want for you to take on your next sponsorship challenge.


Experiences Driven

We hear it every day, Millennials find more value in experiences over things. But what does that really mean? More importantly is it a phenomenon that is unique only to Millennials? What exactly constitutes an experience? By studying the way different consumers live, we can actually see that there is a much broader application of the expression “experiences”. In fact, everyday life is a brand experience.


In this presentation, Mark Harrison will explore this refined definition, revealing the increase in opportunities for businesses, charities, government organizations, and community groups. Learn how altering the value proposition to be an indispensable part of daily life will deliver significant rewards for your brand.

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