Dr. Jody Carrington

Renowned Psychologist and Bestselling Author, Kids These Days

Dr. Jody Carrington is a renowned psychologist, sought after for her expertise, energy and approach to helping individuals, teams and organizations solve their most complex human-centred challenges. A bestselling author and revered speaker, Jody focuses much of her work around reconnection – the key to healthy relationships and productive teams. 


Her approach is authentic, real and often hilarious. She speaks passionately about resilience, mental health, leadership, burnout, grief and trauma – and how reconnection is the answer to so many of the root problems we face.  Her best-selling book Kids These Days was published in 2019 and has sold 150 000 copies worldwide. Her second book, Teachers These Days will be released in 2021. Jody’s message is as simple as it is complex: we are wired to do the hard things, but we are so much braver together. 


The highlight of any agenda, energizing every audience she speaks to, she is a masterful communicator, helping audiences deeply understand their challenges and the opportunities to overcome them. Always wrapping the information in poignant stories, funny anecdotes and actionable takeaways, Jody will leave you inspired. 


With a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, work with major institutions and thriving clinical practice, she brings a depth of experience and insight that is unmatched in the industry.


Jody lives in beautiful Olds, Alberta with her husband and three children (she had 3 kids in 2 years to test her own resilience) and leads the amazing team at Carrington & Company.

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Reconnection: Building strength through authentic connection

The significance of connection in this world is important, but the answer lies in our power to reconnect when things get tough. In our families, in our relationships, in our teams, the capacity to reconnect and repair is the foundation to the strongest and most resilient relationships. Now, more than ever, the mission of reconnecting a disconnected world is where our most significant resources should be directed. Then, and only then will we be able to serve those we lead and love.

Leadership: Leading in Complex Times

As an entrepreneur and CEO, creating a culture of reconnection is the impetus for a strong team. As a psychologist, building a company was not part of the training, but understanding the importance of relationships was. Jody uses her knowledge and expertise to marry those two worlds that will leave any and every leader inspired to serve in a way that will change their organization, and probably the world.

Trauma and Understanding

Jody was a Civilian Member with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for two years and then spent 10 years on a locked psychiatric inpatient unit for kids. Trauma is connected significantly to anyone who has experienced marginalization, and Jody makes it clear that it’s never about what happened to you, it’s all about how you make sense of it that matters. Jody has led teams and work cultures through a better understanding of how trauma can impact families and organizations, how to stay connected, and more importantly reconnect when it’s needed the most.

Overcoming Burnout and Building Resilience

In the middle of navigating a global pandemic while serious, overdue conversations about systemic oppression abound, the word “burnout” has been used to describe the emotional fatigue that has set into so many organizations. Jody will walk through how to reconnect any time by remembering this: when they’re acknowledged, they will rise. Specific strategies to shift cultures and productivity will be at the forefront of this game-changing talk. 

Braving the Waves of Grief

Where loss lives, grief will follow. And loss and its partner grief are universal experiences that are rarely discussed. Loss has always been a critical part of the human condition; however, rarely do we talk about just what to do when loss, and in particular death, takes a seat at the table. There is a significant difference between grief and mourning that is so critical to understand, particularly when we’re trying to make sense of it all.

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