Laurie McIntosh

Kindergarten Teacher | Blogger | Author of Teachers These Days

Some of the best lessons are taught in the moments between literacy and numeracy. These golden moments based on kindness, connection and community are the moments Laurie lives for. 


With compassion and thoughtfulness, Laurie has an incredible way of acknowledging the accomplishments of educators and affirms them as they journey on their paths, cheering them on as they use connection and relationships to revolutionize their practice. 


Storyteller, light-bringer and dreamer, Laurie uses her 20+ years in education to forge new paths. With the stories, she held while writing ‘Teachers These Days’ with Dr. Jody Carrington and her 2 appearances on The Ellen Show Laurie strives to bring teachers together in community and to define and exemplify what it truly means to be a ‘teacher these days’.

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‘Teachers These Days’


Based on the bestselling book ‘Teachers These Days’ by Laurie McIntosh and Dr. Jody Carrington, Laurie will hold a discussion and reflection around what we have been taught as a “good” teacher. We will examine in-depth the stories and strategies in the book and spend time discussing safe places to land in these trying times. Teachers can expect to leave with strategies especially surrounding lid flips, light-ups and emotional regulation of ourselves and our learners.


This session is all about the connection. What people will remember most about you, your legacy will have so much more to do with a felt sense than it ever will with words or numbers. It will remind our teachers that their job is to shine the incredible light that brought them into this profession in the first place. It will remind them that whatever you got on any given day is (more than) enough (something all teachers need to hear right now!)



We will be examining definitions of kindness and how “helpers high” (a term coined by Stuart Shanker) can bring us closer together in a classroom, in our communities and in our staff rooms.


Led by Laurie of @mrsmacskinders on Instagram, we will be examining definitions of kindness and how “helpers high” can bring us closer together in a classroom, in our communities and in our staff rooms. Infused with strategies and activity ideas surrounding connection to be used in our schools, we will dive into why kindness matters now more than ever.


Now, more than ever, kindness is key to connection and relationships with our learners, colleagues and ourselves. Learn strategies and practices to infuse kindness into every day.

I Like Good Books and I Cannot Lie

Let’s talk about books! Come take a peek at more than 20 picture books that your learners will love. You will leave with templates and activity ideas for each of them

Laurie will book talk more than 20 picture books (from popular to the unknown) and infuse the conversation around each one with strategies, activity ideas and writing templates for each one so that teachers can use them in their classrooms starting this Monday morning!

Trauma and Triumph: How Our Own Personal Stories Affect Teachers in the Classroom


Our own stories and journeys of triumph and trauma affect all we do and how we show up in our classrooms. This session will focus on reflection, stories and affirmation as we discuss the need to acknowledge our real and valid feelings in this “heart work”. From loss to trauma to relationships, we will look at how it all comes together in our identity as an educator and how YOU are more than enough.

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