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Some of the best lessons are taught in the moments between literacy and numeracy. This golden Storyteller, light bringer, and dreamer Laurie McIntosh is a Mama, teacher and author who uses her own personal trauma and triumph to forge new paths and build community connections. As a mental health warrior and advocate, a woman who has experienced loss and abuse and as well as a believer in the process of healing journeys for all, she can speak to parents (especially fellow mamas!), community members and teachers alike.

With the stories she held writing Teachers These Days with Dr. Jody Carrington and her two appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Laurie strives to bring all humans together in a community and to define and exemplify what connection and community truly mean. Golden moments based on kindness, connection, and community are the moments Laurie lives for. With compassion and thoughtfulness, Laurie has an incredible way of acknowledging the accomplishments of those around her and in her community and affirms them as they journey on their paths, cheering them on as they use connection and relationships to revolutionize their lives.

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