Laurie McIntosh

Kindergarten Teacher | Blogger | Author of Teachers These Days

Some of the best lessons are taught in the moments between literacy and numeracy. These golden moments based on kindness, connection and community are the moments Laurie lives for. 


With compassion and thoughtfulness, Laurie has an incredible way of acknowledging the accomplishments of educators and affirms them as they journey on their paths, cheering them on as they use connection and relationships to revolutionize their practice. 


Storyteller, light-bringer and dreamer, Laurie uses her 20+ years in education to forge new paths. With the stories, she held while writing ‘Teachers These Days’ with Dr. Jody Carrington and her 2 appearances on The Ellen Show Laurie strives to bring teachers together in community and to define and exemplify what it truly means to be a ‘teacher these days’.

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