Raia “Coach” Carey

Celebrated Coach | Media Maverick
Manager of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at SickKids Foundation

As a 3x Certified Life Coach and motivational speaker, Raia is passionate about encouraging others to tap into the confidence they never knew they had. After overcoming various hardships, she was able to transform her mindset and begin a career that empowers others to do the same. 


By openly sharing her triumphs and tribulations, Raia’s vulnerability helps foster a welcoming and safe environment in every room she enters. She strives to inspire and lead those around her by providing unwavering support, guidance, and motivation. 


By equipping clients with tangible tools to implement in their daily lives, she steers her community towards self-awareness, resilience, and sustainable success.


Confidence From Within 


Setting yourself up for success within your career starts with understanding how to find and foster your inner confidence. Whether you’re part of a team or leading one, [confidence from within] provides the tools you need to set up healthy boundaries, feel more decisive, collaborate in group settings and effectively achieve goals with your colleagues. With a focus on how to maintain a positive mindset, [confidence from within] will empower you to navigate and leverage your communication skills, finances, and mindset so you can achieve your full potential in and out of the workplace. 

Embracing Stress in the Workplace 

 There are several reasons your company could be experiencing stress-induced low performance –Whether it’s internal restructuring or virtual to hybrid transitions, [Embracing stress in the workplace] gives you the tools necessary to reduce workplace pressure while supporting your team’s transition towards a healthy mindset. These elements will organically increase productivity, creativity, and problem-solving and better equip you to handle various scenarios while maintaining a positive relationship with stress. Together, we’ll identify potential triggers and analyze how you and your team can transform stress into empowerment.  You’ll leave feeling calm, refreshed, confident and motivated to make impactful change within your workplace while keeping your team engaged.

Imposter Syndrome


[Imposter Syndrome] is a deep dive into the psychology of how imposter syndrome can show up in, and impact, daily life. Whether you’re a creative, a team member in a fast-paced work environment or a high achiever, Coach Carey uses an interactive survey to personalize effective strategies that will combat imposter syndrome. You’ll leave with the tools you need to feel confident in your decision-making, less stressed with deadlines and open to taking leaps without the fear of failure.

Change Management / Communication / Marketing / Workforce/HR