Hénoc Muamba

CFL MVP | Community Champion

Hénoc Muamba is a Congolese-Canadian professional football player and motivational speaker. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Hénoc and his family made Mississauga, Ontario, their home after immigrating to Canada. Muamba was drafted into the CFL as a first-overall selection in 2011. He attended St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia and is the school’s all-time leader in tackles. 


In his career, Muamba has experienced success in the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the National Football League (NFL). He received multiple accolades, including CFL All-Star recognition, the Presidents’ Trophy and the Grey Cup Most Valuable Player Award (2022). Additionally, Muamba’s leadership and valiant efforts on the field were acknowledged when he was presented with the Grey Cup Most Valuable Canadian award. 


Hénoc Muamba’s leadership can also be seen beyond the field. Through motivational speaking, Hénoc has inspired others to achieve their goals, hopes and dreams. He had become a media favourite after his incredible CFL Grey Cup run. Hénoc is passionate about storytelling and is eager to conduct interviews with fellow athletes, as well as other industry leaders beyond the realm of sports. On his podcast, Muamba Moments, Hénoc connects with these leaders to talk about goal-setting strategies, the power of teamwork, meaningful leadership and more. The podcast is a great source of inspiration, reflective dialogue, and learning lessons. 


Currently, Hénoc continues to stun fans as a linebacker for the Toronto Argonauts (CFL).


Mental Toughness

The mind is the gateway to our feelings, experiences and motivational drive;  it must be protected and cultivated at all costs. We are now living in times where mental toughness is not just necessary to achieve success in life but essential to a baseline quality of life.

Although football is a physical sport, Hénoc attributes most of his accomplishments to the mental toughness he has developed throughout his career. Mental toughness is an abstract quality proven to have a greater impact on accomplishing our goals than talent or intelligence. Hénoc helps to define what mental toughness means to the specific audience he addresses and how to foster it in their own lives.

3 Cs to Success

Hénoc can captivate any audience with what he has pegged as the 3Cs to success. He believes any goal is attainable so long as it is broken down into smaller steps, each being approached with laser-like focus and preciseness. 

Hénoc discusses that every accomplishment he has received in his career and personal life has resulted from intentionality. Being intentional in showing up irrespective of circumstances, being intentional in the self-talk you engage in and being intentional about stepping out of comfort and into greatness.

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