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Kwame Osei immigrated to Canada with his family at the age of four from Ghana, West Africa. They made a home in Rexdale, a less favourable neighbourhood in Toronto. Young and susceptible to his surroundings, Kwame was consumed by street culture and embraced a negative perspective on life. He lost friends to gun violence, almost failed his first year of high school, and was once stabbed and held at gunpoint. After a series of life-threatening experiences, Kwame knew he needed to make a change.

The change came in the form of sport. Kwame was accepted into St. Francis Xavier University, where he played football for the X-men and rediscovered his passion for life. Voted team captain for three seasons, Kwame learned how to be a leader. The young star earned two degrees at the University, becoming the first member of his family to graduate with post-secondary education. After graduation, he went on to briefly play with the Toronto Argonauts.

Kwame brought his leadership and zest for life to Fort McMurray, Alberta where he began his career as a teacher and successful football coach. He helped to organize a football development program that produced various post-secondary student-athletes. His dedication to his students and community earned him a Top 50 Under 50 Award in Fort McMurray.

Currently, Kwame is a coach for Queen’s University Men’s and Women’s football teams. Never straying from his goal to help others, Kwame continues to be an active member of his community. He teaches and helps inmates at the penitentiary in Kingston to achieve their academic goals. Kwame also continues to inspire our future leaders of tomorrow, and has written two children’s books titled “If Not Me, Then Who?” and “Turtle in the Shell.”

Additionally, he is the co-owner of the athletic apparel company, Triumph Elite and co-founder of the non-profit, Northern Elite Football. Kwame is also a part of a mentorship trio called Perspective on Mentoring, which aims to bridge the gap between adults and youth. In 2018, he took to the screen as a cast member on The Amazing Race Canada: Hero’s Edition. Kwame has been featured in various TV commercials and has perfected the mastery of event hosting. Recently, Kwame has taken to more public speaking engagements, where he “plants seeds” to help others grow and succeed.

His goal? To inspire change and growth in every individual he meets.

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