Karina Leblanc

Soccer Star & UNICEF Ambassador

Karina LeBlanc was a smart, shy, misunderstood child with a vibrant personality buried within. She moved to Maple Ridge, British Columbia at eight years old from a small island in the Caribbean, and the drastic difference in culture made it difficult to adjust. It wasn’t until she met some local coaches who invited her the track and field club and basketball team that her confidence rose and allowed her personality to shine. This newfound confidence enabled Karina to pursue a college education, play soccer for her country for almost 18 years and, further, win a Bronze Medal at the Olympics in 2012.


After the World Cup in 2015 she finally decided it was time to hang up her cleats and explore her greater purpose. Having been the longest standing soccer player of all time for Canada, (5 World Cups and 2 Olympic games), she was ready to begin a new path. Using her international career as a platform, she has become an Ambassador for UNICEF, using her experiences from her life and career to empower others and help them on their journey to being the best version of themselves.


Her energy is contagious and she strives to help those around her find the kind of passion that she found in sport. Whether as a motivational speaker, a broadcaster, or a host, she is sure to entertain and motivate any crowd, always with humour. She thrives on bringing the best out of people, getting them excited, and getting them involved in every aspect of what’s going on both on or off the field.


‘People won’t always remember what you said or did, but they will always remember how you made them feel’ – Maya Angelou

In unrelated news… before she got into soccer, Karina was an avid basketball player.


Live Life Purposefully

In this light-hearted, thoughtful keynote, Karina offers hidden insights from her career as a soccer star and UNICEF ambassador to inspire audiences to cultivate a purposeful life and be constantly striving for their dreams.


Getting You (And Your Company) To WHY

Karina tells the story of her journey playing soccer for her country for 18 years and how the decisions she made for herself helped her to identify her life’s purpose and truly live it out. She will inspire your employees or audience to find greater meaning in their work by identifying a common purpose or goal that extends to something bigger than themselves.

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