Doug Griffiths

President & CEO, 13 Ways Inc.

Bestselling Author, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community
Instructor, Executive Eduction at the University of Alberta

Doug Griffiths is a wildly popular community strategist and author of the famed book, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community. He has supported, guided and inspired hundreds of communities to create effective change.


Griffiths is a former Canadian politician and Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. He retired from politics in January 2015 to actively pursue his passion for helping communities.  Doug’s mission is to help North American communities identify what is holding them back from finding success. He works with communities to develop strategies to help them overcome their weaknesses.  His solutions have built up many communities and allowed them to get on a better path. 


The 13 Ways President and CEO grew up on a ranch outside of a small community. His upbringing was a great practical education for Doug, as it gave him a strong work ethic and critical thinking skills. 


Griffiths holds both an Honors B.A Philosophy and B. Ed from the University of Alberta. He has also completed the Executive MBA program at the University of Alberta.

In unrelated news, at one point Doug worked as a teacher by day and a rancher by night.


The Arrival of the Inevitable 

The COVID-19 pandemic did not create change, but rather accelerated the change in consumer behaviour that was well, inevitable. Doug Griffiths and Heather Thomson are dedicated to helping communities not only survive these pandemic changes but thrive within them as well.  Together, they deliver a fresh, engaging presentation focused on helping your local businesses thrive and your community succeed.. Doug will ensure that your community understands the ins and outs of economic success, while Heather tackles the changes of consumer behaviour – the shift from physical to digital engagement. This dynamic duo will help you to learn more about your audience, understand their spending habits and how to build a stronger relationship with your fellow business. Be inspired as you learn from unique examples of other communities the two have worked with! Make the most of the pandemic and succeed beyond it, with Doug and Heather.

13 Ways to Kill Your Community 

In this presentation, Doug Griffiths offers valuable lessons on what makes the difference between a prospering community and a failing one. Based on the bestselling book, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community, this presentation is sometimes startling and often revelatory. Doug’s passion shines through in this keynote. He makes every audience member feel as if he was speaking directly to them about their community.  His anecdotes deliver both wit and wisdom to inspires and challenge audiences. He’ll have the crowd inspired and confident in their role in creating a stronger community, organization or business!

Everything is about to change 

Disruptions have impacted almost every industry over the past 50 years, yet our communities remain relatively unchanged.  In the very near future, communities will be forced to change, and the basics won’t cut it! Technology and social changes will challenge communities, and those who aren’t prepared will not prosper. Your preparation for tomorrow starts today!  In this keynote, Doug Griffiths explores the lack of change in North American communities and provides strategies to move your community forward.

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