Doug Griffiths

Best Selling Author of 13 Ways to Kill Your Community

Instructor in Executive Eduction at the University of Alberta School of Business
President & CEO of 13 Ways



Doug Griffiths retired from politics in January 2015 to actively pursue his passion of helping communities, organizations and businesses grow stronger. In his best-selling book, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community, Doug identifies challenges and opportunities that all of our communities face. The lessons that come from come those stories are applicable to all type of communities, whether they are towns, organizations, or businesses.


Growing up on a ranch outside of a small community was a great practical education for Doug, giving him a strong work ethic and critical thinking skills. He went on to also acquire an Honors B.A Philosophy, followed by a B.Ed, and has completed the Executive MBA program at the University of Alberta.


After teaching and ranching for several years, Doug successfully served as an elected Member of the Legislative Assembly in the Province of Alberta for four consecutive terms. In that time he served in two senior Cabinet portfolios as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister of Service Alberta, as well as three junior positions in Agriculture, Finance and Solicitor General.


Doug helps communities identify what is holding them back from finding success, and then helps them overcome it.  He gives them find the solutions to build them back up and get them on a better path. 


Doug’s talents include: seeing through the lies we tell ourselves, overcoming bad attitudes, targeted and focused tactical planning, communicating with those who are afraid of change, and building enduring prosperity for communities.

“In unrelated news, at one point Doug worked as a teacher by day and a rancher by night.”



13 Ways to Kill Your Community

In a presentation of his bestselling book, Doug offers valuable lessons on what really makes the difference between a prospering community and a failing one.


Everything is About to Change

Doug offers a knowledgeable look at changing technology, global economics, cultural shifts, and what these developments mean for communities and their leadership.


Municipal Collaboration

Doug will indicate the issues born out of failing communities and the opportunities for success that must be taken in a collaborative context.


Where Have all the Youngin’s Gone?

Many organizations are feeling the pain of the lack of youth getting involved, and this poses a serious threat to the future health of our events and organizations. In this talk Doug will walk thru the issues leading to unengaged youth and detail where, when and how to best engage them. Offering tips on how to do things differently and what is at stake if we do not transition to appeal to youth, this talk offers great take away steps that you can put into action immediately.

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