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Celina Caesar-Chavannes is a dynamic professional with a remarkable track record across business consultancy, politics, academia, and advocacy. An acclaimed business consultant, coach, and international speaker, Celina also serves as the Senior Advisor for Cultural Transformation and Strategic Initiatives at Queen’s University, where she also lectures part-time.

Her political career includes serving as a Member of Parliament for Whitby and holding prestigious positions such as Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and to the Minister of International Development. Known for championing mental health, equity, justice, and gender issues, she garnered numerous accolades during her tenure, including being recognized by O (Oprah) Magazine and Chatelaine Magazine. Celina continues to serve her community through roles on the Lakeridge Health Foundation Board and Elexicon Corporation Board.

Celina’s educational background is equally impressive, holding an Executive MBA from the Rotman School of Management, an MBA in Healthcare Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, among other certifications and ongoing academic pursuits, including a current neuroscience PhD program at Queen’s University. She is a [Deepak] Chopra certified health and meditation instructor and coach.

Before politics she was the founder of Resolve Research Solutions, Inc., she led a highly successful research management consulting firm aimed at enhancing the lives of individuals living with neurological conditions and their caregivers. Additionally, her tenure at various healthcare organizations and her role in influential national studies underscore her dedication to impactful research.

Celina’s best-selling memoir “Can You Hear Me Now?” was published by Random House Canada in 2021, and she has contributed to various publications focusing on politics, health, and social issues. Her speaking engagements at global platforms, including the United Nations, Harvard University, and various conferences, reflect her expertise in leadership, diversity, inclusion, and social change.

An award-winning advocate, Celina has been honoured with prestigious awards like the Chatelaine Magazine Woman of the Year, the Mental Health Parliamentarian Award, and the Bob Marley Award, among others, acknowledging her outstanding contributions to politics, mental health advocacy, and community service.

With an extensive portfolio spanning consultancy, academia, advocacy, and political leadership, Celina Caesar-Chavannes emerges as an influential figure dedicated to fostering positive change, championing justice, and driving transformative impact with the aim of restoring our collective humanity.

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