We are always working to be ahead of the topics and trends that our clients, and their audiences, need to hear about. Going into 2021, we’re seeing some much anticipated and growing themes becoming vital for many events. Here are 4 Popular Keynote & Speaking Topics for 2021:

Growth and sales

2020 was a year for much hard work, reflection, change and plenty of pivots. In 2021 teams, organizations and industries will need to get back to brass tacks and drive growth. Sales trainers, expert marketers and speakers who can help audiences see around corners and understand the urgency in making things happen now are vital in these times.

Suggested speakers: Dan Fricker, Takara Small, Rachel Loui, Shawn Casemore, Carol Dweck, Ross Simmonds

The return of focus on soft skills

Various weaknesses and flaws were exposed in many organizations over the past months. As staff work hard to balance everything life throws at them and hybrid work environments become a mainstay, managers and executives need to develop their skills in connecting at a deeper level with their teams. We’re helping companies across North America who are grappling with these challenges and bringing in expert speakers to help their leaders develop their skills for this new era of management.

Suggested Speakers: Hilary Corna, Dale Curd, Bill Howatt, Devon Brooks

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Decades late, 2020 brought a global focus on diversity. Companies began to address gaps and recognize the opportunity there is to foster truly amazing, diverse organizations. The work is only just beginning and organizations are evolving their understanding and thinking around what it means to foster a safe space for all to work and make valuable contributions and be valued. We’re honoured to work with so many trailblazers that are helping companies, industries and governments make real progress here.

Suggested speakers: Tina Varughese, Jesse Lipscombe, Anthony Morgan, Harrison Browne

Artificial Intelligence and technology imperative

A popular topic for years now, its relevance will not waiver this coming year. To get ahead, and simply to keep up, organizations must adapt and adopt technology like never before. Allow experts to share what’s ahead, how it will impact you, and what you can do today to lead the way forward in your business.

Suggested speakers: Jared Lindzon, Andrew Au, Nik Badminton, Ted Graham, Anne Connelly