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Shawn Casemore is a professional speaker, consultant and advisor. He is the Owner and Founder of Casemore and Co Inc., a global consulting firm and has worked with organizations such as CN Rail, Tim Hortons, Pepsi Co, MNP, Bank of Montreal and over 200 other leading organizations. In addition, he’s served on several boards, including the Canadian Association of Family-Owned Enterprises and Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium.



His speaking typically includes over two dozen keynotes each year at major conferences, and he’s lectured at institutions such as the University of Waterloo and Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.



Shawn’s publishing includes 100’s of articles in print and online for publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Chief Executive, Industry Week, and The Globe and Mail. He’s also written three commercially published books, including his most recent, The Unstoppable Sales Machine (Taylor and Francis, 2022).

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Selling in a Post-Pandemic Landscape: How to equip your sales team to sell in a post-pandemic landscape

To say we’re facing unprecedented times would be an understatement. Supply chain  delays, staffing shortages, and rising costs are leading many companies to pull back  and slow their sales efforts. 

Rather than pulling back, top-performing companies are accelerating their selling  efforts, using new strategies to connect and convert buyers. Times of economic  uncertainty are always followed by growth, and accelerating sales efforts today will  result in increased market share tomorrow. 

In this talk we explore today’s market challenges and how successful companies are  approaching sales differently, positioning themselves for the boom that is to come.


Learning outcomes: 

  • The three strategies top-performing companies are using to retain and engage  their sales talent. 
  • Steps high-performing sales professionals take to increase their sales despite  economic uncertainty. 
  • Critical methods to help shift your sales team from old-school selling to  adopting new behaviours.
Create an Unstoppable Sales Machine: How to develop predictable sales despite the economy

Is your team struggling to sell in today’s economy? Finding it difficult to reach and  connect with busy buyers? Is it nearing impossible to create some predictability in  your sales revenue? Here’s your problem – selling has changed, and you haven’t  changed with it.

Based on my latest book, the Unstoppable Sales Machine, this talk outlines the key  aspects of selling that have changed and how sales professionals, sales leaders, and  their teams can equip themselves to not only survive but thrive.

In this presentation, Shawn shares what has changed about selling in today’s economy and what you can do to counteract the impacts of these changes and rise above your competition. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • Why interruption is the best strategy to get your prospect’s attention. • Using hurdles to have your prospects qualify themselves, saving you time and money. 
  • What’s needed to convert today’s prospects to a paying customer in record  time. 
  • Capitalizing on every relationship to build a referral vortex. 
  • And much, much more.
Now Is the Best Time to Raise Your Prices: How to avoid discounting and maximize your profits

Sales professionals selling complex products and services often fall apart when attempting to close the sale. Facing objections, questions, and pushback throws them off their game, forcing many to resort to a simpler close using discounts or markdowns. 

This approach may result in closing a sale, but they hurt profit margins, reduce commissions, and create unrealistic expectations for buyers. 

In this talk we discuss proven strategies to avoid discounts and markdowns  altogether, making every sale an opportunity to maximize profits.


Learning outcomes: 

  • How to completely avoid negotiating based on price. 
  • Selling by applying the R.U.S.H. Value Model. 
  • Dealing with decision-makers versus decision committees. • Formulating “YATNA: Your Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement.”
Build Your Unstoppable Mindset: Adopting habitual behaviours that ensure ongoing success

High-performing business leaders, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs have mastered something that others haven’t: they adopt behaviours that ensure their ongoing success. 

Uncertainty, distractions, and interruptions can often throw even the most grounded business professionals off their game. Even after identifying new behaviours that can lead to success, many professionals abandon these behaviours after less than 30  days, despite the best of intentions. 

In this motivating talk, we discuss the proven behaviours that high-performing individuals use to accelerate their success and realize their biggest goals. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • Understand the simple behaviours that have the greatest influence on our success. 
  • Unlock techniques to minimize distractions and allow for laser-like focus. • Build your boundaries to ensure that you can achieve the highest levels of productivity. 
  • Re-program your behaviour set for optimum performance. 
  • Build a circle of support to ensure you sustain the right behaviours for the long term.
Empower Your Customer to Buy: How to create a customer experience that maximizes new business opportunities

Today’s customers are overwhelmed with information. The information they’re  consuming is increasingly influenced by online algorithms that only serve up what  each customer desires. The result is a customer who is highly demanding.  Moreover, once they decide on what they want, they expect it to be immediately  available. 

To retain today’s customers and maximize new selling opportunities we need to  shift our focus to empowering our customers to buy. 

In this talk, we’ll discuss how to provide a customer experience that supports  customer retention and repeatedly generates new opportunities to sell. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • Recognize the profile of today’s demanding customer. 
  • Realize the distinctions in customer experience that will set you apart from  your competition. 
  • Equip yourself with strategies and techniques to maximize customer  experience and generate new selling opportunities. 
  • Build a customer first mindset that drives customer retention.
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