Rachel Loui

Head of Int. Growth for US Customers, Business & Industrial Markets, Google 
China Expert

Rachel Loui excellently combines her skills as a C-suite market expansion leader, entrepreneurship experience, and cultural insights in her humourous published book on China. Her China “business-bible” was created to uniquely help companies drive growth in new markets. 


Rachel is passionate about applying new technologies to solve everyday business problems. Currently, Rachel practices her skill at Google while leading International Growth for clients in Business & Industrial Markets. 


Prior to Google, she was the Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Business Operations for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, at the world’s largest privately-held pharmaceutical company. Rachel had also held the position of VP and was the Business Unit lead for two of the world’s top 4 advertising agency conglomerates. She started her career in management consulting. 


Additionally, Rachel is a Columbia Business School lecturer. She frequently lectures on the topic, ‘Winning the Chinese Market as a Female Executive.’ 


In 2016, she published the China humour business book, ‘Why the Chicken Crossed the World.’ The book was summarized as ‘Imagine if Tina Fey were Asian and describing her home country.’

In unrelated news, Rachel is an improv comedian, training at UCB in New York.


Diversity is more than warm and fuzzy

‘Diversity and Inclusion’ is the new ‘it’ phrase, but does it help your business? Rachel Loui, Google International Growth exec, former healthcare Chief Strategy Officer, and China expert, says Yes. D&I is a practical and easy tool to understand your customers, develop superior products, scale growth around the world–and drive exponential revenue. D&I saves lives, exemplified in healthcare. D&I can boost entire economies, exemplified by China’s communist inclusion of both genders in the workforce. Above all, D&I is forward-thinking the necessity to win employee loyalty and create a more productive company culture. 

Disruptive Technologies and Innovation for ‘Old School’ Industries

Innovative technologies developed today can help your company disrupt the competitive landscape–and those innovations may be happening on the other side of the world. Rachel Loui, Google International Growth exec and China expert, highlights global disruptive technologies that can be applied to your industry at home.


Hacking International Growth With Data Big and Small

China: Winning the Chinese Market

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