Dan Fricker

Dan Fricker

VP of Marketing Operations, AMC Networks

Dan Fricker is a marketing executive in the film & TV industry in New York, and his work focuses on the perpetual evolution of media and its power to shape opinions and ideas. He’s had the pleasure of working with a host of incredible brands across entertainment, tech, and telco, and is currently the Vice President of Marketing Operations with AMC, the network behind prestige shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead, among others. Previously, Dan was a senior marketing leader at the Canadian software startup Shopify during its exponential growth, as well as Head of Social Media for the national public broadcaster CBC. He’s taught Marketing Strategy at the University of Toronto, and has his Ivy League education in business from Cornell. Dan has received awards for his work in helping companies connect with audiences online, and has been profiled in Canadian Business, Marketing Mag, and others for his innovative approach to storytelling.

“Understand who you’re trying to reach, and what you’re trying to get them to do. Then from there, tell really great stories.”



How Traditional Storytelling Formats Are Helping Marketers Reach Their Customers

Whether banner ads, pre-roll, or classic 30-second TV spots, interruptive advertising no longer works. Instead, CMOs are waking up to the notion of creating content that consumers inherently don’t want to skip. Dan discusses the evolution of brand entertainment, and how companies are now capturing the attention of audiences with stories across podcasts, social video, and even feature length-films and episodic television.



The Psychology of How Stories Impact Emotions & Memory, and Why People Share

From news feeds to Netflix, we’re in peak content saturation, and reaching your audience is what matters most. In this talk, Dan explores how storytelling has a psychological impact on how we remember and feel, and also looks at the key ingredients behind why people share certain types of media, ultimately to optimize shareability. 



How to Leverage Online Channels to Build Your Brand

The social landscape is in constant flux, with new platforms, functionalities, and competition surfacing regularly. Dan simplifies the fundamentals of social marketing strategy and its distinctions from traditional channels. We’ll look at where and why people connect online, and how to develop a social voice and archetype for your brand.



How Small Businesses Can Win with Social Media

There are many tactics you could employ in social, from making videos to influencer marketing, running ads, and offering customer support. Although as an SMB, your time is valuable and your efforts should be optimized for impact. In this talk, Dan looks at priority investments and what to focus on in the short, medium, and long-term. 



How to Leverage Agile Software Design Best Practices for Operational Efficiency

Businesses today must remain nimble and adaptable to change in an increasingly complex marketplace. Dan leverages his experience working in tech, Master’s in Business, and learnings from MIT’s Business Process Design program, to share how you can apply agile workflow principles to increase the speed and productivity of your companies and teams.

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