Ted Graham

Head of Open Innovation at General Motors

Author, ‘The Uber of Everything’


Ted Graham is the Head of Open Innovation at GM. He works with outside partners to solve important issues that will shape the future of transportation. Previously, he was the Innovation Leader at PwC Canada where he helped to turn ideas into invoices. He is also founder of the South Core Innovation Hub, a collaborative group of innovation leaders from Toronto’s unique waterfront area. Member organizations include large banks, startups, public transportation – all of whom are looking to make a substantial impact on their communities. Prior to PwC Ted was a McKinsey strategy consultant with a focus on understanding and leveraging people networks to influence the spread of ideas.


Ted often speaks to audiences about the five things he learned about disruptive innovation as an UberX driver and how to apply some of these lessons across a multitude of industries on the cusp of disruption. His first hand account was initially released as a widely read LinkedIn influencer post, then a CBC Metro Morning interview and is now part of his book called “The Uber of Everything” released this past year.

In unrelated news, Ted once achieved the status of a world-ranked competitive Rock Paper Scissors player.


Innovation, Disruption and What it all Means to You

How can traditional businesses learn from the disruption coming from the rapid rise of technology along with startups innovating the economics of entire industries?


Ted Graham sought to answer that very same question in 2014 when UberX entered the market. Curious about how his own firm of 200,000 employees would face changing client demands, he took a hands on approach and signed up as a driver using his own family minivan. He chronicled his stories and lessons gleaned as a driver in a series of popular articles, a TED talk and now a book called “The Uber of Everything” – a deep dive into the 500+ companies trying to upend traditional industries and a report card on who is winning and losing.


The Sharing Economy

Hear Ted’s insights on the future of sharing economy and how it will affect industries across the board.


Building a Culture of Innovation

How does an organization create a culture of innovation from the ground up? With the help of his work and research, Ted identify how you can enable your company to foster innovative practices that will transform your workplace culture.


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