Jared Lindzon

Future of Work Expert
Journalist, Globe & Mail | Fast Company

Jared Lindzon is a freelance journalist and public speaker based in Toronto. Lindzon’s writing focuses on the future of work and talent as it relates to technological innovation. Beyond his regular columns in Fast Company‘s WorkLife section, and The Globe & Mail’s Careers section, Lindzon has also been published in The New York Times, The Guardian, the BBC, Rolling Stone, Fortune Magazine, TIME Magazine, POLITICO, and many more.


Lindzon has delivered keynote presentations based on his writing at events around the world. He has also shared the stage with experts from a range of disciplines as a moderator, including tech CEOs, professional musicians, politicians, business leaders and more. Lindzon holds a Masters of Arts in Journalism degree from the University of Western Ontario, where he also earned an Honours BA in Media Studies.

“My goal was to be published in the New York Times before I turned 30: I accomplished my goal 48 hours early (my birthday is April 15th).”


How A Technological Future Will Value Our Most Human Traits


The workforce is evolving quickly, and so too are the skills that employers are seeking from candidates. In relatively short order nearly every industry in Canada and beyond has had to re-evaluate the skills they most value as they prepare for an uncertain future responding to rapid technological disruption. Though it may feel like we’re in completely uncharted territory, however, we can learn much about what is to come based on what’s come before. In this talk Toronto-based freelance journalist Jared Lindzon will share the insights he’s learned reporting on the future of work for publications like The Globe & Mail and Fast Company while demonstrating how technological innovation is returning work to its pre-industrial, human-centric roots.

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