Dale Curd

Dale Curd

Host, CBC’s Hello Goodbye
Author, Living Lightly

Have you ever met someone who can instantly make you feel so comfortable you feel like they are your best friend and trusted confidante? Meet Dale Curd. Genuine, intuitive, approachable, wise and articulate, Dale is the host of the acclaimed CBC documentary television series, Hello Goodbye. The series follows Dale as he engages strangers in conversations as they prepare to greet or see off loved ones at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. 


“The show is so deeply rooted in common experience that it is truly, persuasively poignant, but immensely uplifting, too,” says Globe and Mail television critic John Doyle. “Much of that has to do with Curd’s natural ability to draw closely-held stories and unexpressed feelings out of people.”


A compelling, compassionate and dynamic host and public speaker, Dale boasts in a number of other media pursuits. Dale began presenting his keynote, The Mastery and Science of Empathetic Listening, to healthcare organizations across North America in 2017. Since 2008, Dale is retained as an expert catalyst helping global corporations speak to and market services and products to men. Dale has a private counselling practice. 


In December 2019, Dale and his wife, Kimberly Alexander, released their book, Living Lightly


Dale lives on a farm in Hollywood North, Muskoka Canada, with his wife and daughter (and son when he’s home from university).

In unrelated news,  Dale is often approached by Bobby Flay fans and asked how to makes certain dishes. 


The Ability to Endure, Adapt, and Bounce Back

Everyone will face challenges and obstacles in life, but it is what we do after the challenge that determines our success. With increased cases of anxiety and stress-related health issues, it is important that individuals learn how to overcome personal and professional challenges. With more than ten years of training and education with First Responders, Healthcare executives and Fortune 500 entrepreneurs, Dale Curd knows how to work with people who live and work in high-stress environments. In this talk, Dale helps audiences understand how to bounce back from the chronic and acute stress which many organizations and employees experience every day to become mentally fit and build sustained balance and resilience.


For all groups

Living Lightly 

A complimentary keynote to the book of the same name. This talk focuses on how developing a deeper relationship with ourselves can lead to stronger relationships personally and professionally, as well as more balance and success. This talk contains meditations and strategies for a lighter and more fulfilling life.


For all groups

The Soft Skills Renaissance

We have a more educated workforce than ever before, yet in many instances, our interpersonal or ‘soft’ skills have suffered. As artificial intelligence continues to affect and displace quantitative jobs, Dale argues that soft-skills are experiencing a renaissance. First, Dale offers recent research and innovations in soft-skills and the humanities. From there, he presents a framework where organizations can evaluate talent on more than just the letters on their resume. Lastly, he discusses how hiring and training for soft skills can improve hard metrics and financial results. 


For: HR, customer service/experience, health care

Why Aren’t We Connecting? The Keys To Collaborative and Effective Teams

Dale Curd has spent his life listening deeply and empathetically. In this talk, he outlines key steps to ensure we are connecting better as teams – from active listening, stronger questions to different body language, he has the tips, tricks and research to lead to immediate outcomes.


For all groups

Meaningful Moments – How To Make an Impact in a Short Time

For groups of salespeople or sales organizations, this talk is a must-hear. We are living in increasingly fragmented and distracted times – when approaching new clients, we are lucky to get even 30 seconds of their time sometimes. Dale can advise on how to make the most of short windows for people to connect, make an impact, and convert the relationship to a fruitful one.


For sales organizations


Created and presented by therapist, executive coach and author, Dale Curd, BrainFit is an informative and highly interactive session designed as a 60 minute, mental resiliency learning burst! Drawn from a decade of consulting work with C-Suite executives, First Responders and healthcare professionals, BrainFit brings together the most effective elements of mindfulness, Active Listening, and psycho-educational training to give participants the tools and strategies to succeed and thrive in high-stress work environments.  Participants in a BrainFit session talk about and take away tips on;


  • Connective Breathing Strategies
  • Emotional Management & Regulation – Trigger Control
  • Attuned Listening – Body Language Cues In Others (Comfort vs. Discomfort)
  • Avoiding Enmeshment – Creating A Feeling Proof Glass Windowsill


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