Dale Curd

Dale Curd

Host, CBC’s Hello Goodbye

Have you ever met someone who in minutes makes you feel so comfortable you feel like they are your best friend and trusted confidante? Genuine, intuitive, approachable, wise and articulate, Dale Curd is in his third season as Host of acclaimed CBC documentary television show Hello Goodbye, in which he engages strangers in conversations as they prepare to greet or see off loved ones at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. “The show is so deeply rooted in common experience that it is truly, persuasively poignant, but immensely uplifting, too,” says Globe and Mail television critic John Doyle. “Much of that has to do with Curd’s natural ability to draw closely-held stories and unexpressed feelings out of people.”

A compelling, compassionate and dynamic host and public speaker, Curd boasts a number of other media pursuits. He is the author of two upcoming books with Harper Collins. In 2017, Dale began presenting his Keynote, The Mastery and Science of Empathetic Listening, to healthcare organizations across North America. Currently and since 2008, Dale is retained as an expert catalyst helping global corporations speak to and market services and products to men. Dale has a private counselling practice.

Dale lives on his farm in Hollywood North, Muskoka Canada, with his wife and daughter, and son when he is home from university.


Leadership Through Empathetic Listening

“Building a bridge between executive and millennial styles of listening to create a new competitive advantage.”

Today companies are searching for insight, strategies and silver bullets to help them unlock their inherent competitive advantage. With a rapidly changing workforce now comprised of younger, more cooperative problem solvers, the evidence is clear – to be successful, companies must adopt an organizational communication approach which is inclusive and cohesive, rather than con-formative.  Millenials are adept at relational or empathetic listening, which, if embraced, fosters employee engagement, transparency, collaboration, empathy, and high performance teams. Senior and executive management favour a solutions-focused listening style which is hierarchical, excellent for discovering and optimizing opportunities, and streamlining communication flow. Two very different styles of listening, two very different approaches to success and two distinct realities.  How can organizations learn to effectively build a bridge between these two worlds?


Meet Dale Curd, Host of CBC prime time hit show Hello Goodbye, where strangers open up to him at Pearson Airport to share their personal stories of universal themes like love, loss and family.  With over 2,000 hours of personal interviews over the last three years, Dale is on a mission to answer the question he is most frequently asked, “How do you get strangers to open up and share like that with you?”


Dale trains organizations to connect with a colleague or customer or patient or citizen anywhere, any time, in minutes; an approach very similar to how millennials naturally relate, that he calls Empathetic Listening. Your audience will have a blueprint for how organizations can harness the competitive advantages of empathetic listening and win.

Dale will crash through perceptions that empathetic listening is time consuming, too difficult to learn, doesn’t produce results, or isn’t sustainable.  Evidence overwhelmingly shows empathetic listening can be taught, cross-functional teams can create meaningful moments with each other in minutes, anywhere, any time, and while employee engagement goes way up, so does performance and satisfaction as everyone is emboldened through feeling heard and respected.


Hear the distinctions between solution and empathetic listening, when to use the modes and how they work.  Dale will unpack stories, stats and tips from his work with one of the most respected hospital systems in Texas, to a police training academy, to inside some of North America’s biggest consumer companies, where Dale is seeing meaningful moments happening in minutes, in the same distracted loud environments, with profound results. Transparency, collaboration, empathy, engagement, cohesion, all stem from empathetic listening. This presentation and discussion is about helping companies do cohesive corporate culture right placing them in the strongest position to navigate change, embrace disruption, and win with employees.

Meaningful Moments: How To Build Them With a Customer In Less Than 5 Minutes – Anywhere, Anytime

“The face to face retail setting is where the ultimate personal interaction is possible, by listening to customers relationally, rather than solely transactionally.”


Truthfully, most people are fundamentally uncomfortable in another person’s presence. We can use movement, technology, physical barriers, and multi-tasking to create safety for ourselves when we interact and communicate at home and at work.  While distraction might have us feel safe in the moment, our protective actions also create gaps and distance between us. More than ever before, we long to connect and be heard, be understood and belong.


Customer facing organizations, B2B and B2C, have an incredible opportunity to bridge this gap of human behaviour every single time they interact with customers.  Customer service and sales professionals can learn to create comfort, safety and intimacy in the face to face setting by listening to customers relationally, as well as transactionally. Relational, or empathetic listening, is a skill that can be taught and can happen in a retail space in minutes between a customer service representative and a customer ~ every time.


Dale Curd will show you how to build a meaningful moment with a total stranger in less than five minutes, anywhere, any time.  Dale Curd is Host of the CBC prime time hit show Hello Goodbye, where Dale walks up to strangers at busy Toronto Pearson airport, and creates an intimate space for strangers to share deeply personal stories on universe themes like love, family, loss and hope.  After three seasons and more than 2,000 hours of interviews, Dale will share the answer to the question he is asked most, “How do you get people to open up to you and share such personal stories?”


Relational, or empathetic listening, places all attention and intention on being curious and appreciative of the person speaking. Each interaction is treated as a building block of an ongoing relationship, rather than a single occurrence.  Consideration and patience in listening, full body attention, without distraction, gives the person speaking a powerful, unconscious license to share. Customers feel they are being heard and that they are interesting and important. Customers will want to share their personal needs and wants, their goals, their aspirations, their budgets, their struggles.  They will share information that we cannot imagine or predict, they will share insights and preferences, hopes and dreams. This sharing creates an intimate and unique relationship, based on trust and loyalty, that can be reinforced and deepened with every single interaction. It might be the very first time a customer has truly been listened to, a powerful and memorable personal experience for them.


Dale shares the specific techniques that your employees can use when speaking with customers.  He will unpack stories, stats and tips from his work with one of the most respected hospital systems in Texas, to a police training academy, to inside some of North America’s biggest consumer companies, where Dale is seeing meaningful moments happening in minutes, in the same distracted environments, with profound results. Empathetic listening steps and clips from the show, will show you how sales and customer service professionals can create the same level of relatedness, trust and connection, in every customer interaction. This presentation is about taking customer relationship management, customer loyalty, lifetime customer value, market and wallet share to a whole next level.

Win with Empathy

The politics of fear and difference, the steep rise in economic protectionism and nationalist fervour and the market-driven search for our ‘tribe’ have created an unfortunate, and even dangerous consequence – a steep decline in the fundamentals of empathy and relationships.  Emotional detachment in the general population is at an all-time high leaving corporations to spend millions to train their customer facing employees the basics of kindness, generosity, and compassion.


Dale Curd is an expert in empathy and empathetic listening having trained and spoken with hundreds of people and devoted his life to combatting the isolating and damaging effects of our society’s promotion of the individual at the expense of the collective.  His latest talk “Win with Empathy” lays out his blueprint for how groups can create a meaningful, empathetic interaction without sacrificing individualism.

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