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Dr. Bill Howatt is the Founder and President of Howatt Human Resources Consulting. He refers to himself as a behavioral scientist who has a passion for guiding employees and employers in how to create psychological safe, inclusive, and thriving cultures. Dr. Bill has over 30 years of clinical experience in mental health and addictive disorders. He is known international and is one of Canada’s top workplace mental health experts.

He regularly contributes to workplace mental health research such as: Moving to Action: Implementing the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services’ Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap and Canada Standards Association (CSA) Part 1: Investigating employers’ practices in response to COVID-19 for safeguarding employees’ psychological health and safety in the workplace and Part 2: Employees’ perceived psychological health and safety experience during COVID-19 through an inclusion lens. Dr. Bill is the Chair of CSA Technical Committee on the Management of Impairment and is a member of CSA Strategic Steering Committee on Occupational Health and Safety.

Dr. Bill is the former Chief of Research, Workforce Productivity, at The Conference Board of Canada. As well he is the former Chief of Research and Development, Workforce Productivity, at Lifeworks (formerly Morneau Shepell). Dr. Bill has created the senate-approved Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership & Certificate in Management Essentials, Pathway to Coping and Mental Fitness Practice through the University of New Brunswick. He is a co-founder B-to-B mental health App called MFIQ designed to facilitate two-way accountability between employers and employee for protecting and promoting employee’s mental health.

He is a regular contributor WSPS Trusted Leadership blog, OHS Magazine, Talent Canada, and The Globe and Mail where he has over 300 articles. Dr. Bill has published over 60 books such as: The Globe Mail Best Seller: Cure for Loneliness, Stop Hiding and Start Living and most recently No Regrets. As well publishes weekly newsletter called Exploring Workplace Mental Health. He is also the co-development of the Workplace Psychological Safety Assessment (WPSA) used by facilitate Plan – Do -Check -Act (PDCA) approach to workplace mental as well the creator of the Master Class for How to Become an Impactful Psychologically Safe Facilitators (PSF).

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