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Dr. Bill Howatt

Dr. Howatt, a behavioural scientist, is known as one of Canada’s top experts in mental health issues in the workplace and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of mental health, addiction, and HR consulting. As a highly-respected columnist for the Globe and Mail, author, clinician, consultant and speaker, he effortlessly engages and inspires both individuals and groups.


Dr. Bill Howatt leads a Howatt HR a strategic HR firm specializing in improving employee’s workplace experience and creating psychologically safe workplaces. Dr. Howatt is the creator of the Pathway to Coping, Certified Management Essentials and Mental Fitness Practices for the University of New Brunswick.



Dr. Howatt Chair of CSA Standard 21008: Management of Substance-Related Impairment in the Workplace. He is also a member of the International Research Advisory Council (IRAC) at Pacific Coast University of Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS). 


Prior to joining The Conference Board in 2018 as Chief of Research, Workforce Productivity at The Conference Board of Canada, leading the Board’s applied research programs in workplace wellness, mental health, and workforce productivity., Dr. Howatt worked as Chief of Research and Development, Workforce Productivity at Morneau Shepell where he launched a total health consulting strategy designed to improve health engagement and productivity in Canadian organizations. As well is the Co-creator of The Globe and Mail and Morneau Shepell Employee Recommended Award.



He has published 40 books and 400 articles, such as The Coping Crisis, Pathway to Coping, and the Wiley Series on addictions. He is a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail 9 to 5 and Leadership Lab columns, The Chronicle Herald and Talent Canada. He is the co-creator of a new PodCast called Shifting the Employee Experience.



Bill Howatt, is Ph.D., Ed.D., Post Doctorate Behavioral Science, University of California, Los Angeles, Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, RTC, RSW, ICADC.

Bill has been contributing to the Globe and Mail for over seven years.


Mental Fitness

Dr. Bill Howatt is a behavioural scientist, and one of Canada’s top experts in mental health issues in the workplace. With his 30+ years of experience in the field, Bill is just the expert you want to work with your team. In his keynote, Bill will help your team learn explore and learn about mental fitness, coping skills and resiliency. Bill can help members of your team cope and improve their mental health. Bill also can speak on his new book called Stop Hiding and Start Living: how to say F-it to fear and to develop mental fitness.



Psychological Safety 

How do you create a psychologically safe workplace? Mental Health expert, Dr. Bill Howatt, has the answers. Bill can train the leaders on your team to on the step required to build a psychological safe workplace. Bill can also provide insights on how to prepare leaders to be psychological safe leaders.

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