Dr. Bill Howatt

Founder and President of Howatt HR

Dr. Bill is known internationally and is one of Canada’s top experts in mental health issues in the workplace with over 30 years of experience in mental health, addiction, and human resources consulting.  


Dr. Bill has published over 40 books such as The Globe Mail Best Seller: Cure for Loneliness and Stop Hiding and Start Living (to view go to www.billhowatt.com) and over 400 articles. He is a regular contributor with Talent Canada, WSPS CEO blog, The Chronicle Herald and The Globe and Mail.


Dr. Bill has created the Senate-approved Certificate in Psychological Safe Leader & Certified Management Essentials, Pathway to Coping and Mental Fitness through the University of New Brunswick.


Dr. Bill is on the CSA OHS Standards Steering Committee and the Chair of CSA Standard Z1008: Management of Substance-Related Impairment in the Workplace. Dr. Bill is the former Chief of Research and Development, Workforce Productivity, at Lifeworks.


He is also the former Chief of Research, Workforce Productivity, at The Conference Board of Canada. A few examples of his research projects include a study of Canada Pandemic Pulse Check: COVID-19’s Impact on Canadians’ Mental Health with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and Moving to Action: Implementing the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap.

Bill has been contributing to the Globe and Mail for over seven years.


Mental Fitness

Dr. Bill Howatt is a behavioural scientist and is known internationally as one of Canada’s top experts in workplace mental health. With his 30+ years of experience in the field, Bill is just the expert you want to work with. In his keynote, Bill will help your team explore and learn about mental fitness, coping skills and resiliency. Bill can help members of your team cope and improve their mental health. 


Bill also can speak on his newest books that can be ordered with special BULK pricing for participants in both hard and e-book form directly from the publisher:

  • Stop Hiding and Start Living: how to say F-it to fear and to develop mental fitness.
  • Cure to Loneliness: How to feel connected and to escape isolation.

Psychological Safe Leaders 

How do you create a psychologically safe workplace? Mental Health expert, Dr. Bill Howatt, has the answers. Bill can provide guidance for how leaders can become more inclusive and psychologically safe. Dr. Bill is the author of the UNB Senate approach Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership.

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