Hilary Corna

Former Senior Executive Officer, Toyota Asia
Bestselling Author
Founder, Human Processes Continuum

Hilary Corna is a trailblazer, author and entrepreneur. An alumna of both Kansai Gaidai University and Elon University, Hilary has degrees in Asian/Pacific Studies and International Business. Her studies inspired her to move to Singapore post-graduation, where she broke gender barriers by becoming a Senior Executive Officer at Toyota Asia — the first female Kaizen expert in Toyota Asia history.


To date, Hilary has led inspirational keynotes/presentations and success-oriented workshops in 46 states and over 20 countries. Some of her clients include General Motors, The Coca Cola Company, State Farm Insurance, The United Nations, TEDx, and more. She frequently speaks at colleges as well. Her work has been recognized by notable publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and ForbesWoman. Hilary now provides counsel on organizational development challenges to senior management around the globe.


She is on a mission to humanize the business world by guiding leaders through the Human Processes Continuum, a blending of empathy and contemporary business practices that produces profound sustained results.

Hilary’s diagnosis with Hashimoto’s disease in 2017 helped turned her personal focus from work to health. She is a regular volunteer at the Texas Blood Bank, The Prison Entrepreneurship Program, and Vipassana Meditation Research Institute. Hilary speaks conversational Japanese, and resides in Austin, Texas.

Hilary is a meditator, weightlifter, and proud vegan.


The Human Era: The Next Great Evolutionary Leap in Business

Hilary is on a mission to humanize business. In this session, Hilary outlines a methodology of simple tools that will show companies how to transform and breakthrough in the next great evolutionary leap in business. The last evolutionary leap was from the industrial age to the information age. The next evolutionary leap is from the information to the human age. This leap requires leaders to upgrade their thinking — their minds. Technology isn’t the leap. Technology is the catalyst for the leap. The leap is humanization.

The Rise in Leadership: A Call for Femininity in Business

Hilary inspires professionals to push the limits of bravery and break barriers around femininity in business. She believes that females encourage vulnerability, integrity and diversity in the workplace. With the trust and ethical issues facing the business world, compassion, empathy, and harmony have never been needed more. Both men and women have femininity and masculinity. The ability of an individual to balance the two is where their power is optimized to achieve greatness as a leader. Hilary outlines these principles and teaches audiences about the importance and value of feminine representation in the workplace.

Themes in Diversity & Inclusion: Five Trends to Expect in the Workplace

The Diversity and Inclusion movement has been growing from a theory to practice in the past decade. This movement has progressed the way businesses have approached their new workplace identities. Companies that have fully embraced representation have gained loyal customers, resulting in reduced customer acquisition costs.


In this session, Hilary explores the reasons why some companies have stronger diversity strategies than others, and how these companies can improve in 2019. She presents Diversity & Inclusion trends of the New Year.

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