Look out for these speakers who can help your audiences grow personally and professionally through their motivational, educational and unforgettable keynote presentations. Our speakers contribute to the development and success of organizations as they plan for 2024 and beyond! 

Jesse Lipscombe – Leadership, Equity and Elevating Performance

Jesse Lipscombe is a vital voice in the conversation around diversity, equity & inclusion in Canada. His memorable keynotes have inspired audiences to view inclusion as a means to grow, creating stronger leaders and teams. In 2024, Jesse brings a new edge to his keynotes – making DEI part of your organization’s DNA. Jesse is an expert motivator, and he’ll help your audiences learn to normalize diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Christine Sinclair – Leadership and Teamwork

Christine Sinclair has led the Canadian National Women’s Soccer Team to victory again and again throughout her 20+ year international career. She embodies leadership and has a world of expertise in teamwork. Despite her recent international retirement, Christine is gaining leadership lessons as the captain of the Portland Thorns. Christine translates her on-field experience as a leader and teammate into valuable skills for collaboration, goal-building and communication for audiences to create their internal Olympic-level approach to teamwork.

Anthony Morgan – Collaborative Problem-Solving and Team Building

Anthony Morgan, the new host of “The Nature of Things,” is an award-winning science researcher who constantly challenges audiences to review “how” they communicate! Anthony encourages audiences to be curious about communication and presents them with transformative solutions to mend problem-solving issues among teams and optimize team-building strategies. Recently, Anthony has been changing how audiences handle disagreements with his interactive and inclusive workshop Freestyle Social: The Collaboration Experiment.

Did you know? The Havard Business Review named employee conflict resolution a must-have skill for managers in 2024.

Alex Weber – Expert Motivation from the Host of American Ninja Warrior

During his energizing keynotes, Alex Weber gives audiences his battle-tested systems to become unstoppable leaders, teams and employees. As the host and former competitor on America Ninja Warrior, Alex knows all about overcoming the obstacles (literal and figurative) that are limiting your success. Through his series of “Unstoppable” keynotes, Alex helps your team achieve goals and push past any limitations. Also, Alex has been praised for his incredible skill of engaging teams in virtual presentations:

“It is so tough to build connections and motivate a virtual audience, but Alex has this nailed.” – Royal LePage

Larissa Crawford – Reconciliation and Environmental Sustainability 

New & Notable – We are thrilled to be working with Larissa Crawford. Reach out to learn more about Larissa.

Larissa is a force to be reckoned with. She founded the social enterprise Future Ancestors Services Inc. – a youth-led professional services organization that advances climate justice and systemic barrier removal. Through her work, Larissa helps audiences reimagine how we can learn, relate and work together collaboratively while also respecting the environments in which we live. Larissa’s unique approach to the future of work sets her apart from other speakers, as she teaches from experience and genuine passion to make a positive difference.

Andre De Grasse – Goal-Setting and Motivation

Canadian gold medal sprinter Andre De Grasse is ready to make history again at the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Andre has moved audiences with his story of determination and resilience in his pursuit of Olympic greatness. With the whole country standing behind him, Andre understands the importance of support and inspiration people need to achieve their golden goals (personal or professional). Through eye-opening moderated conversations or online presentations, Andre sows the seeds of inspiration into the minds and hearts of your audiences.

Amanda Lindhout – Change Management, Resilience and Mental Health in the Workplace

Amanda Lindhout combines her compelling first-hand experiences of resilience with scientific research to motivate audiences to turn challenges into opportunities in her dynamic keynotes. Amanda’s extraordinary journey of survival is not only inspirational; it helps audiences view resiliency from multiple perspectives. She is trusted by CEOs, educators, healthcare professionals and more to encourage personal development by introducing audiences to practices that will build their capacity to handle adversity.

Justice Faith Betty – Innovation: Art, Activism and AI

True to her name, Justice Faith Betty is a champion for social justice. Through her work at Révolutionnaire, Justice is building a future where young changemakers can make their voices heard by connecting them with tools, networks and information to grow. To implement these tools, Justice uses a mix of activism, art and AI to show audiences how innovative thinking can create dramatic results.

Angela Sterritt – Inspiration Through Education and Mentorship

Angela Sterritt is an incredible Indigenous storyteller who leaves an indelible mark on all who read her work or listen to her lessons. Her story of resilience and reinvention from a homeless teen to a high-profile journalist highlights the importance of the educators and mentors who advocated for her and her growth. In her enlightening keynotes, she reflects on how important it is to acknowledge youth and provide them with empathetic support. Her keynotes have been described as  “thought-provoking” with “a side of funny” to help the audience connect with heavy content.

Speaker Showcase: Angela Sterritt is one of Canada’s most prominent investigative journalists. Her work focuses on Indigenous issues and Canada’s road to mending a “diversity and inclusion deficit.” Recently, she released her memoir
Unbroken, which emphasizes the importance of empathy in journalism and storytelling.

Omari Newton – Celebrating Differences in the Workplace

Omari Newton is a multi-talented keynote speaker who uses his trademark original spoken poetry, comedic skill and professional theatre training to captivate audiences and inspire them to change their mindsets. With his autobiographical tale of personal change, he emphasizes the importance of diverse voices shaping culture and making radical positive changes from within. He will give your audiences the courage to be true to themselves and let their personal development positively impact team growth!

Emily O’Brien – Personal and Professional Growth

Emily O’Brien’s evolution from prison to a successful entrepreneur is a story that inspires individuals and organizations to transform their challenges into grand opportunities. In a story of redemption and reinvention, Emily touches upon resilience and navigating personal growth when faced with unexpected or unusual challenges. Her keynotes will encourage your audience to stay motivated in any challenge. Great for sales and negotiation groups, Emily also talks about her journey to entrepreneurship and the “emotional profit” of business.

Kardinal Offishall – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Kardinal Offishall is a key figure in Canada’s music scene, acting as a cultural and musical ambassador for a new wave of Canadian music superstars. Additionally, he is also a powerful business figure, acting as the Global A&R of Def Jam Records. Through moderated Q&As, Kardinal covers fascinating topics such as branding, business, entrepreneurship and finding inspiration. He also highlights the importance of building a community within organizations to help develop the next generation of leaders. 

Andre Picard – Effective Communication, Health Policy

Andre Picard is the most respected national health writer who offers invaluable public health and wellness insights. His deep understanding of healthcare systems and policies makes him a go-to speaker for navigating today’s health challenges. Andre uses his expertise to give audiences critical tools and strategies to communicate information effectively.

Dr. Jody Carrington – Reconnecting Your Team

Dr. Jody Carrington firmly believes that the first step to building a successful team is a genuine connection. As organizations work through the changes of remote and hybrid office solutions, their employees slowly lose their ability to connect with people – a connection essential to combatting burnout and mental stress. Backed by research and years of experience as a professional psychologist, Dr. Carrington brings with her the right motivation and educational approach to re-connect teams and build strong collaborative environments.

Dr. Stephanie Estima – Motivation and Peak Performance

Dr. Stephanie Estima is the best-kept secret of top executives building sharp, resourceful and motivated teams. Her background specializing in brain health and neurology helps organizations form teams that function on peak performance. Dr. Estima’s keynotes cover the possibilities of leveraging the limitless potential of your audiences through techniques to minimize digital distraction, enhance creativity, and problem-solve at an elite level.

In 2024, these speakers are not just voices at the podium but catalysts for change and growth. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise make them must-watch figures for anyone looking to be inspired, educated, and motivated.

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