Anthony Morgan

Host, The Nature of Things | Award-Winning Science Communicator

Anthony Morgan is an award-winning science communicator, Ph.D. researcher, startup founder and game designer who has hosted dozens of TV programs. He’s also the new host of The Nature of Things on CBC Television. He’s obsessed with changing how people see, think and talk about science in their everyday lives. He’s spent close to 20 years finding ways to do just that. He’s worked at the Ontario Science Centre with Asap SCIENCE, written for newspapers, hosted CBC Radio, collaborated with municipal governments and serves on the steering committee of the misinformation-tackling Science Up First. This work and more have earned him multiple distinctions and award nominations, including a Falling Walls nomination for a breakthrough science engagement initiative and being named one of CBC’s top 20 millennial change-makers.


Radical Collaboration: The Key To Unlocking Limitless Potential

When facing the most complex issues in our world, there are many daunting challenges to be considered, but one consistent opportunity that always shines through is collaboration – the chance to tackle any challenge and make real change collectively. True collaboration allows organizations and societies to tackle any challenge and create meaningful change. Anthony showcases the need for collaboration and breaks down how we can approach removing barriers to encourage people to work together to build productive teams and innovative solutions for a better life.

The Innovator’s Advantage: Using Science To Inspire Creativity

Discover a fresh approach to innovation. With a mix of mind-bending experiments and fascinating facts, Anthony captures audiences’ attention with a little bit of scientific magic. Using the 5 C’s of science (creativity, communication, critical thinking, collaboration and clarity), Anthony lays out the foundations of how your team can use a scientific approach to tackle challenges and leap ahead. This session is a must for those looking for an industry edge and the hope to build fresh ideas within their collaborative processes.

Pursuing Passions: The Road to The Nature of Things

With great success comes a great journey on the road less travelled. In this exciting keynote, Anthony reflects on his career and how he combined his passion for science communication with his unrivalled ability to educate and connect with audiences. Through a series of challenges, Anthony had to overcome external and internal adversity to reach his goals. Your audience will feel motivated by Anthony’s story and leave the presentation ready to navigate their own changes and challenges.

The Age of Misinformation

With a quick online search, we’re exposed to numerous articles, posts and opinion pieces on some of the most pressing topics of our time. But which source should we trust?


Anthony Morgan is an expert researcher and information wizard, and he’s ready to help your audience identify real facts from popular misinformation. This session is the perfect mix of a myth-busting and informational presentation. Audiences will learn the science behind some of the most controversial science topics (climate change, vaccines) and how political biases and culture influence them. Additionally, your audience will develop critical thinking skills on how to determine and prioritize information, which will encourage them to work more efficiently. Work smarter, not harder!

Freestyle Social: The Collaboration Experiment

Change the way you do disagreements with a transformative social experiment. Done poorly, disagreements get us stuck in old ways of thinking. “Freestyle Socials” – developed by Award-Winning Science Communicator and researcher Anthony Morgan – help audiences find and play with their blind spots to reimagine what’s possible. Get teams unstuck with disagreements done well.

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