Angela Sterritt

Award-Winning Investigative Journalist | National Bestselling Author


Angela Sterritt is an award-winning investigative journalist and national bestselling author from the Wilp Wiik’aax of the Gitanmaax community within the Gitxsan Nation on her dad’s side and from Bell Island, Newfoundland on her maternal side. Sterritt has worked as a television, radio, and digital journalist for over a decade. She is currently the host of the CBC original podcast Land Back, which won a Radio Television Digital News Association award for best podcast in 2023.


Her book Unbroken, a work that is part memoir and part investigation into the murders and disappearances of Indigenous women published by Greystone Books, became a national instant bestseller in May of 2023.


In 2021, Sterritt won an Academy Award (Canadian Screen Award) for best reporter of the year in Canada for her coverage of an Indigenous man and his then 12-year-old granddaughter who were arrested while trying to open a bank account at BMO. Sterritt also won a national Radio Television Digital News Association award for the same reporting. In 2020, Sterritt was named in Vancouver Magazine’s Power 50 list of the city’s top 50 most influential people.


In 2020, she was nominated for best local reporter by the Canadian Screen Awards for reporting on Indigenous babies apprehended by the Ministry of Children and Family Development. In 2019, Sterritt’s documentary on the complexity of Indigenous support for and challenges against the TransMountain Pipeline expansion project won an RTDNA award for the best long feature.


In 2017, Sterritt accepted the Investigative Award of the Year from Canadian Journalists for Free Expression for coverage of missing and murdered Indigenous women. She was awarded a prestigious William Southam Journalism Fellowship at Massey College in Toronto and was the first known First Nations person in Canada ever to receive the award in the school’s 60-year history.


As a motivational speaker, Sterritt talks about breaking stereotypes and creating change and relationships in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. In 2020, she gave a Ted Talk about smashing stereotypes of Indigenous people.


Inspiring Teachers

In Angela’s rise to become a significant storyteller and educator, she reflects on what got her here. From a homeless teen to a high-profile journalist, she recognizes the teachers who encouraged her to become a journalist, challenged herself in her educational journey, and were a place of safety and comfort in times of need.  As a mother, she speaks about the elevated importance of teachers during the global pandemic, in building community, safety, and peace. Angela shares how important the role of teachers is to better support and impart knowledge about Indigenous people, cultures, and communities.

The Canadian Diversity and Inclusion Deficit

Over the last few years, Canadians were called on to recognize a massive deficit when it comes to Black, Indigenous, and people of colour meaningfully participating in their institutions. Many companies and organizations have shifted to address the imbalance by hiring new diverse employees. Yet many leaders still struggle with how to change the culture in offices and spaces and ensure everyone feels safe.  Through her experience as a university professor, an investigative journalist, and an Indigenous author, Angela illuminates how to create spaces that reflect and honour real diversity and show dedication, in particular, to include Indigenous voices.

Inspired by Purpose

From a homeless street kid to a scrappy radio journalist, to a high-profile TV personality, to an author, Angela shares her inspiring personal story of strength and resilience through change. By discovering her own internal gifts and finding purpose, she was able to move past any obstacle.  And how being of service to others, even in the most difficult times can teach us about community, love, and never giving up on ourselves. Angela’s focus on raising Indigenous voices through her writing and reporting taught her the power of healing through storytelling.

Gendered-Based Violence And MMIWG

As a survivor of violence, and as an Indigenous woman, Angela speaks about the crisis of MMIWGTS in this country and how to make space and create equality and safety for all.

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