Creativity, innovation and disruption start at Talent Bureau. Our expert speakers help your audience develop a new approach to problem-solving and improvement:



Nurture your audience’s creative side with Former Head of Innovation & Creativity of The Walt Disney Company, Duncan Wardle. In his 30-years at Disney, Duncan has shipped off Buzz Lightyear to space, welcomed Michael Phelps to Disney World with an Olympic-sized pool, and even sent a Mickey hot air balloon to the Soviet Union! His signature problem-solving model, implemented throughout Disney, guarantees to help your team generate ideas faster than you can say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

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Encourage your team to build something great with Student Inventor and CEO of Makotronics, Ann Makosinki. This “Gen-z’er” has pushed the boundaries of innovation with her creations and has improved the lives of those who rely on her work. Her fresh, youthful perspective is sure to open a world of new technologies in the future. Ann will inspire your team to be “differentists”- creative leaders and heroes who improve lives and change the landscape of your industry.

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Change is inevitable, and our speakers can help you lead the change. When companies like Microsoft, FedEx and 3M want to accelerate innovation, they rely on the guidance of Andrew Au, Transformation & Modern Leadership Expert. Andrew’s unique perspective comes from his years of experience working with the world’s biggest companies to help them be the frontrunners of change. Rather than following trends, Andrew will help you understand the future of your industry and get your transformation started.


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