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Ann Makosinski

Student Inventor and Media Darling
CEO of Makotronics Enterprises

Ann Makosinski is a student, serial inventor and media darling doing numerous global appearances and keynote talks. When Ann was a child her first toy was a box of transistors, which launched her journey into the world of inventing. Ann started participating in her local science fairs and began to explore the world of alternative energy harvesting. 


Ann’s friend in the Phillippines reached out to her in distress when she failed her grade in school. She was unable to study at night, as she couldn’t afford electricity or light. Immediately, Ann knew she could solve her friend’s problem. She invented the Hollow Flashlight- a flashlight that runs off the heat of the human hand. The Hollow Flashlight won at both the Intel Science and Engineering Fair and Google Science Fair. Her next invention was the eDrink- a coffee mug that converts the excess heat of your hot drink into electricity, giving your phone or iPod a boost of energy. 


The Google Science Fair has boosted Ann and her flashlight into viral status. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon invited her to appear to introduce the Hollow Flashlight to the world. Jimmy Fallon fell in love with her and invited Ann back to introduce her next invention, the eDrink. Ann’s celebrity as a brilliant inventor launched her into becoming one of the most sought after inventors and keynote speakers of her generation. She was named to both the Forbes 30 Under 30 and Times 30 Under 30 lists. Ann is also one of the AAT Project Ambassadors. She was one of Glamour Magazine’s top ten College Women of the Year, one of seven of Teen Vogue Global Earth Angels, and Popular Science’s “Breakout Young Inventor of the Year.” 


A growing media star, Ann appeared with Miley Cyrus for Converse. Additionally, she was named the global brand ambassador for Uniqlo fleece. Ann is busy endorsing many other brands as well. She collaborated with Vice to create a campaign for the Google Pixel 2. 


Ann is currently studying acting at HB Studios in NYC. She is writing her memoir and has just completed development on her collection of innovative children’s toys powered by green energy. Ann is also working on a series of children’s picture books to sell in conjunction with her toys. She is in final talks with a major production company to develop television based around some of her work.

Did you know? Ann loves playing the piano and the violin, listening to jazz, editing films, and reading classics.



Most college students are usually found thinking about final exams, summer vacation, and dorm room shenanigans. But before Ann Makosinski ever stepped into a college classroom, she had won the Google Science Fair, garnered awards at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair, was featured in TIME Magazine, and appeared on the Tonight Show — twice. Instead of couching herself in the typical definitions of “entrepreneur” or “inventor,” Ann has coined a term for herself: “differentist.”

In today’s celebrated and well-documented innovation economy championed by Silicon Valley “wunderkinds” like Mark Zuckerberg, we have a tendency to think that the best new ideas are exclusively coming out of the Bay Area, or the offices of Apple, Uber, or other tech giants. But sometimes, world-changing ideas come out of a home basement in the suburbs. Join Ann as she explains what it’s like to be a “differentist” in a world that’s constantly redesigning and reimagining itself, and charting new courses.


Following her big win at Google Science Fair, Ann was named to Time magazine’s 30 under 30 and went on to receive four major awards at the 2014 Intel Science and Engineering Fair and speak at four TEDx events. She brought her hollow flashlight to the Tonight Show in 2014 and was invited back this fall to unveil her new eDrink invention, a travel mug that harvests excess heat from hot drinks and converts it into electricity to give your mobile phone’s battery a boost. Ann’s philosophy is ‘The only way to find out is to build it.’ In this presentation, she shares the benefits of pursuing curiosity. About how dreaming about something, and asking, ‘Is this possible?’ can change the world.


Imagine all the things you can do…off of your phone. Parents, be warned. Ann Makosinski is urging people to ditch their devices and do something else instead of their time. By detaching from smartphones, Ann shares how it has helped her think creatively made her more sociable, and most importantly, made her the Inventor she is today.


Ann Makosinski is passionate about the crucial yet often overlooks the combination of science and art. Just as Steve Jobs supported “technology married with the humanities,” Ann also believes that the best products and inventions come from when art and science come together. Many of us are raised to look at art as a hobby and science as a career. Ann’s eclectic upbringing resulted in her having many skills and passions in either field, which has helped her immensely on her successful journey in the invention. She hopes to inspire more people to embrace their passions in either field.