New Year, new opportunities!

How can you turn your event or campaign into a transformative experience for your audience? By adding the perfect keynote speaker or brand rep. A familiar face can take your project to a whole new level! Not sure where to start? Luckily for you, here at Talent Bureau we’ve got you covered. We work with the absolute best talent across a variety of industries. From business icons to NHL All-Stars and former Prime Ministers to the odd celebrity impersonator – we deliver what’s best for your audience.

Check out some of our Speakers to Watch in 2020!

Doug Griffiths, President, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community

Starting off with the first 2020 Speaker to Watch, Doug Griffiths. In 2019, over 60 cities across North America had trusted Doug to help them reshape their communities.

After his retirement from politics in 2005, Doug began to actively pursue his passion of helping businesses, organization and business grow stronger. Doug and the 13 Ways team make it their priority to ensure that you and your team take the most efficient and important steps to help create necessary change. His passion lies in building strong communities, because within strong communities leadership can succeed, businesses can prosper, and families can find great quality of lives.

Check out Doug’s book HERE.

Paul “Biznasty” Bissonnette, Co-Host, Spittin’ Chiclets

Paul made some serious waves in the brand partnership world in 2019. For example, Paul had a very, very serious feud with the Vancouver Warriors of the NLL. After trying out to be part of their team (and failing) the team brought him on as the Team Ambassador.

Most recently, Paul joined Serge Ibaka,Bianca Andreescu, Bo Bichette and Penny Oleksiak for a very special Loblaws project. These #FoodLoversUnite-d for a holiday dinner which premiered in December. (See the full video on the right) Not a big deal, right?

Wrong. Paul also worked on brand partnerships with huge organization such as McDonald’s Canada and Amex Canada!

Rachel Loui, Head of Int. Growth for US Customers, Business & Industrial Markets, Google

Technology, economy and Rachel Loui. Rachel helps identify growth opportunities beyond domestic market. She builds expansion strategies, sell customer targeting and acquisition products, and generate revenue for internal stakeholders and Google’s largest US clients in the Business & Industrial Markets sector.

In 2016, Rachel published the China humor business book, Why the Chicken Crossed the World. The book was summazied as “Imagine if Tina Fey were Asian and describing her home country.”She is also a Columbia Business School lecturer on the topic ‘Winning the Chinese Market, as a Female Executive.’

Add Rachel to your event in 2020 to help your team identify growth opporunities beyond domestic market, and get some laughs!

See Rachel speak at the World Dispurt Forum HERE.

Melissa Sariffodeen, Co-Founder, Ladies Learning Code & Canada Learning Code

Melissa believes in the importance of providing your team with the necessary tech skills to adapt to the rapid changes. A social entrepreneur, leader and big thinker, she is best known as the co-founder and CEO Ladies Learning Code and Canada Learning Code.

Ladies Learning Code has championed digital literacy for Canadians. It was grown nationwide to ensure women and youth receive the critical skills, confidence and opportunities they need to become passionate builders of technology.

Bring Melissa in to help your team improve their digital literacy skills in 2020.

Jesse Lipscombe, Founder, #MakeItAwkward

Jesse Lipscombe spent 2019 at teaching kids at schools to #MakeItAwkward. A true community man, Jesse makes it his priority to give back.

He launched the #MakeItAwkward campaign in 2016. When filming a public service announcement for the City of Edmonton, someone in a vehicle yelled racial sluts at him. Rather than letting the moment pass, Jesse walked over to the car and suggested they talk. The stranger denied making the comment and sped away.

In 2020, Jesse is going to continue to spread the positive message among the youth of tomorrow. Instead of ignoring someone for doing wrong, Jesse insists we stand up, call them out, and make it awkward.

Anderson Cooper, Anchor, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360

Last, but definitely not least, American Journalist and TV Personality, Anderson Cooper.

Anderson has played a pivotal role in CNN’s political and election coverage, and you can prepare to see a lot of him his year. He will be covering the 2020 US Election.

Who better than AC to take your audience on a journey through world politics and current events than an award-winning journalist. With over 25 years of jounalism experience, he has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable and recognizable anchors on television.