Talent Bureau’s curated roster of impactful education speakers can help teachers navigate the distinct challenges of education. They spark important conversations among educators and bring an unforgettable energy to enlighten audiences and remind teachers of their importance.

These education expert speakers are professionals who deeply understand teachers’ ongoing struggles and the changing landscape of education. From psychologists to teachers, our agents will help you find the best education speaker to inspire your audiences.

Here are eight top education speakers to book for your next event:

Laurie McIntosh – Kindergarten Teacher & Co-Author, Teachers These Days

A Teachers’ Legacy: What Brought Us Here, and Where Are We Going?

Topics: Communication, Education, Workforce + HR, Motivation 

What does it mean to be a good teacher? In her relatable keynote, Laurie discusses the pressures and realities of being an educator in modern times. She reminds teachers of the incredible impact they leave on the communities. Audiences will be left feeling heard in this emotional keynote.

Alex Weber – American Ninja Warrior  & Award-Winning Leader

The Unstoppable You

Topics: Adversity, Motivation, Leadership 

Alex is the perfect motivator. As a former high school lacrosse coach, Alex understands the difficulties relating to students, especially ones going through hardship. Alex’s undeniable charm will make your audience feel empowered and ready to become the ultimate leader in their school community.

Dr. Jody Carrington – Renowned Psychologist & Human Connection Expert

Nurturing the Heart of Education

Topics: Team Building and Collaboration, Grief, Resilience, Burnout, Crisis Management

Jody blends inspiring stories and practical strategies in this exciting talk, which illuminates the profound impact of teaching with empathy, courage, and commitment. Dr. Carrington connects with teachers to help them find their inner strength and build resilience in the not-so-easy moments of teacherhood. 

Anthony Morgan – Host, The Nature of Things & Collaboration Expert

Radical Collaboration: The Key to Unlocking Limitless Potential

Topics: Team Building and Collaboration, Workforce + HR

The way we communicate has changed greatly over the last ten years. Anthony’s goal is to help your audience identify communication challenges and remove barriers to encourage productive collaboration and build productive teams. Encourage teachers to connect with colleagues and students with Anthony’s exciting workshops.

Andini Makosinski – Future of Education Thought Leader

The Future of Education

Topics: AI Technology, Innovation 

Andini talks about the reality of shifting into an AI-dominated world. She challenges teachers to step outside the box and embrace a flexible classroom where critical thinking and visual analysis skills are challenged.

Jesse Lipscombe – Leadership & Action-Motivated Results Expert

The Art of Doing

Topics: Diversity, Motivation, Mindful Leadership 

Every result starts with an action! Jesse is a motivational guru who has inspired millions across North America to define their motivational blocks and continue the momentum of their goals and dreams. A natural-born leader, he instills confidence in youth and challenges audiences to become more inclusive and accepting of all people.

Michael Ungar, PhD – Family Therapist & Professor of Social Work, Dalhousie University

Nine Ways Families, Schools and Communities Nurture a Child’s Resilience

Topics: Resilience, Children’s Psychology 

Dr. Michael Ungar uses examples from his clinical practice and research collaborations to explore the nature of children’s resilience. In this fast-paced, story-filled presentation, Dr. Ungar will provide nine practical strategies parents, caregivers and educators need to help children heal, no matter a child’s emotional, psychological or behavioural problems.

Angela Sterrit – Inspiring Indigenous Storyteller & Educator

Inspiring Teachers

Topics: Indigenous History & Affairs, Education, Homelessness

In this emotional keynote, Angela reflects on her journey from a homeless teen to a high-profile journalist and recognizes the teachers who encouraged her to follow her dreams. This keynote reminds teachers and educators how much influence they have on youth, and how positive that influence should be.