Talent Bureau’s digital transformation experts cover crucial topics that will help you beat your competitors. Our digital transformation speakers share information relating to cybersecurity, innovation, artificial intelligence (AI), customer experience, automation and more to help you beat the curve. Additionally, Talent Bureau’s transformation speakers help organizations minimize risks, by working with them to develop effective strategies to ensure success in the rapidly changing world.

Talent Bureau is lucky to partner with and represent knowledgeable and vetted digital transformation speakers, including Andrew Au, Iliana Oris Valiente, Nik Badminton, Alfredo Tan, Barbara Corcoran, Mark DeVolder, Doug Griffiths, Ted Graham, Kimberly Simon and Celina Caesar-Chavannes.

Leading transformation expert Andrew Au has accelerated innovation at companies such as Microsoft, FedEx and 3M. Dubbed the “digital transformation expert,” Andrew equips companies with the tools to respond to new culture and work habits.

Iliana Oris Valiente educates audiences on the “human side” of popular innovation & tech trends. Iliana is a trusted advisor of Fortune 500 companies looking to educate their employees on future work trends. She’ll leave your audience feeling prepared for what’s to come.

World-renowned futurist, Nik Badminton, mentors leaders to create more connected, curious and creative teams. From finance to agriculture, Nik’s tailored keynotes provide unique research and insights specific and relevant to the future of your industry.

Kimberly Simon advises audiences on the safest practices to maintain cybersecurity and avoid breaches. With the shift to hybrid and remote work, Kimberly highlights the importance of cybersecurity compliance to keep your organization and your clients safe.

Preeminent innovation leader and technologist Ted Graham has been a key figure in tackling important issues pertaining to the future of how we work and live. As a seasoned strategy consultant, Ted brings organizations the zest of innovation they need.

As your organization navigates times of uncertainty, a professional digital transformation speaker can help to answer the questions that linger in the minds of your employees. Transformation speakers mitigate future risks and provide valuable, researched information to bring your team forward. The speaker agents at Talent Bureau will connect you with the perfect digital transformation speakers for your new conference, meeting, workshop or internal event.

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