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Kimberly Simon is a cybersecurity expert, thought leader and the author of “Case for Investing in Cybersecurity Compliance.” For over a decade, Kimberly has helped organizations identify and adopt cybersecurity frameworks that provide solid benchmarks for their cybersecurity programs.


By skillfully combining her global experience in technology, marketing and strategic partnerships, Kimberly advises Fortune 500 companies on the value of cybersecurity compliance. She is passionate about educating and collaborating with organizations on the benefits of implementing compliance solutions to help them increase cyber maturity, lower the risk of breach and gain competitive advantage. Kimberly’s expertise, authenticity and commitment to excellence make her a captivating speaker who leaves a lasting impact on her audiences.

Born in Zimbabwe, raised in England, and now living in Canada, Kimberly is proud to be a successful woman of colour in the cybersecurity industry. Through her work, she hopes to inspire and mentor the next generation of young women and persons of colour to pursue careers in the industry. 

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Winning The War With Cybersecurity - How Compliance Frameworks Can Help!

Compliance frameworks play a vital role in ensuring organizations meet the necessary requirements set forth by federal, government, or third-party entities. Adopting compliance as an integral part of your cybersecurity program is a fundamental aspect of building a successful security program.


Join Kimberly Simon and take a proactive stance in the battle against cyber threats. Discover how compliance frameworks can be leveraged to drive stronger security, protect sensitive data, and build trust with stakeholders. Arm yourself with the knowledge and strategies to win the war with cybersecurity.


Through practical insights and real-world examples, Kimberly will guide you through the benefits of integrating compliance into your cybersecurity program. Discover how compliance frameworks enhance your organization’s security posture, minimize risks, and foster trust among stakeholders. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to Leverage Compliance Frameworks for Stronger Security.
  • Explore the benefits of integrating compliance into your cybersecurity program, including improved security posture and reduced vulnerability to cyber threats.
  • Gain insights into the latest trends and challenges in conducting cybersecurity compliance audits. Learn how to effectively prepare for audits and ensure compliance with relevant requirements.
From Zimbabwe To Cybersecurity - How To Pursue A Life You've Never Seen

Cybersecurity author, expert, and keynote speaker Kimberly Simon hails from Zimbabwe, far from the opportunities and achievements she has now attained. Her journey into the world of technology began with a simple Nokia mobile phone brought by her aunt from the UK in the early 90s. Fascinated by the game “Snakes” on the phone, Kimberly was scared to press the buttons and intrigued by what technology could do. Little did she know that this encounter would ignite her passion and set her on a path to pursuing a life she had never envisioned. Through her unwavering determination and a 12-step program she wasn’t even aware of, Kimberly forged ahead, breaking barriers and achieving success in the world of cybersecurity.


With her captivating storytelling style and infectious sense of humor, Kimberly will take the audience on a thought-provoking journey through her 12-step program to pursuing a life they’ve never seen. Drawing from her own experiences, she will illustrate how one seemingly insignificant encounter with a Nokia mobile phone sparked a passion that propelled her to break barriers and succeed in cybersecurity.




Kimberly’s talk will delve into the notion that life is akin to a “treasure hunt,” where each clue leads to the next clue, requiring us to act upon each revelation to unlock the next chapter of our lives. Through her engaging and relatable anecdotes, she will empower the audience to embrace their curiosity, overcome limitations, and ignite their own transformations.


Key takeaways from Kimberly’s talk will include:

  • ​Accepting the Limitations of Our Understanding: Kimberly will share her realization that submitting to a higher power and accepting the limitations of our understanding is essential for personal growth and success.
  • Embracing Curiosity: Drawing from her own experiences, Kimberly will highlight the importance of curiosity in navigating life’s twists and turns. She will inspire the audience to nurture their inquisitive nature and embrace new opportunities with open arms. After all, we should be curious, we are not cats!
  • “Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes”: Kimberly will emphasize the significance of taking action and stepping out of our comfort zones. By encouraging the audience to embrace change and initiate meaningful transformations, she will inspire them to pursue lives they never thought possible.
What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Cybersecurity Compliance Audit

Kimberly delves into the process of cybersecurity assessments and audits. She helps demystify the process by explaining the various stages of the audit, what is expected at each stage, the methodology used, the people involved, the costs associated, and the reporting process.

Customizable to suit your audience

Kimberly’s customizable presentations are tailored to suit the unique needs and preferences of her audience. Her approach is interactive, engaging, and designed to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

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