Jennifer Botterill 

Olympic Gold Medalist | Hockey Analyst, Hockey Night in Canada

Jennifer Botterill is a consummate professional who brings her high-performance mindset to every opportunity. As a decorated collegiate hockey player with Harvard University and a three time Olympic champion with the Canadian National Team, her success on the ice has translated to a flourishing career off of it. Not only is Jennifer the CEO of two companies, she has also established a strong presence at the highest level of NHL broadcasting. She is the only NHL analyst to be on the main panel for national networks in both Canada and the USA.  Jennifer’s work with Turner Sports (Warner Media) and Sportsnet (Rogers) includes in-studio analysis and in-game analysis at ice level in between the benches. When she is not sharing her knowledge and expertise for sport on the air, she is empowering others to pursue excellence with her engaging keynote presentations and career coaching. 


Photo by David Leyes

Catch Jennifer on Hockey Night In Canada as a Hockey Analyst!


Why Not You? How to Excel in Life and Business


Jennifer shares how to reach new levels of excellence in your personal and professional life, and the importance of setting high standards for yourself. She provides tools and techniques for the audience to apply on a daily basis, developed through her career. By sharing shares techniques to help with preparation, she discusses the critical importance of time management. Jennifer asks “Why not you?” to inspire the audience to boldly pursue their goals that may have felt just out of reach.

Sustainable High Performance


Jennifer engages people on how to approach life with a new standard of high performance, and shares strategies on how to not only make it to the next level, but to excel when you get there. She provides techniques to perform at this high level on a consistent, daily basis. Jennifer identifies tools on how to facilitate sustainable high performance in a variety of settings.

Resiliency: Thriving in a Changing Environment


The path that we face isn’t always what we may have imagined, and Jennifer addresses the benefits of adapting to change. We have a choice to make every day, and Jennifer demonstrates how we can learn to shift our perspective to make the most of our environment. She shares stories and messages that have helped her on her evolving path through life, sport and business, and provides examples on how we need to do things differently to get better results that we have in the past. Jennifer shares ideas on how to be productive and efficient in every way, and teaches her audience how to control potential distractions and how to maintain a strong level of focus. She encourages people to strive towards new excellence in any environment.

Jennifer is also able to customize keynotes to individual opportunities, so please reach out if you have a client that would like a customized presentation.


Jennifer is available for virtual and in-person events and is open to travel.

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