Inspire your team with Talent Bureau’s globally respected motivational speakers. These motivational keynote speakers have proven records of energizing audiences and helping organizations redefine their goals to transform their workplace communities into thriving, positive spaces through reflective lessons, powerful stories and inspirational workshops. Check out these inimitable motivational keynote speakers:

Boost Employee Confidence.

Confident employees bring motivation, ideas and an air of positivity to every team. Without the looming feeling of impostor syndrome or burnout, your employees will feel more decisive and contribute to group meetings, collaborating with colleagues to achieve common goals. Celebrated confidence speaker Raia “Coach” Carey helps audiences discover their inner confidence through her interactive keynotes and inspirational workshops. Coach Carey has shifted workplace mindsets with her effective strategies, that are proven to combat feelings of uncertainty, resulting in stronger team synergy. Her unforgettable keynotes focus on personal development and empowerment. 

Bring confidence to your team with Raia Carey.

Using Adversity as a Tool for Success.

Amanda Lindhout and Kaleb Dahlgren share their remarkable, globally-known stories of tragedy and perseverance to inspire others to embrace adversity. Always met with unwavering attention from their audiences, these bestselling authors and inspirational changemakers teach audiences to use challenges as assets! With special stories from their personal struggles, Amanda & Kaleb prove that strength can be found even in the darkest of times.

Book speakers Amanda Lindhout & Kaleb Dahlgren for your next event, and help your audiences find power in adversity.


Build a genuine connection amongst your team with powerhouse keynote speaker, Dr. Jody Carrington. Dr. Carrington is a trusted reconnection expert who has redefined the meaning of teamwork at some of North America’s top organizations. As one of Canada’s most popular motivational speakers, Jody has become a key figure on the road to burnout recovery, grief and meaningful leadership. With Jody, you’ll get a keynote experience like no other with her magnetic energy and messages that are both retable and transformative.

Educate and entertain your audiences with the one and only Jody!

Chasing Your Dreams.

Make your next move confidently with trailblazers – Harnarayan Singh and Anthony Morgan! Harnarayan and Anthony inspire audiences to prepare for life’s most challenging obstacles. Unlike most people, Harnarayan and Anthony followed the road less travelled to build incredible careers doing what they love most. In their motivational keynotes, they inspire audiences to step out of their comfort zone and pursue their passions. Both speakers highlight the importance of breaking down barriers and celebrating diversity.

Learn more about Harnarayan & Anthony by reading their profiles.

Inclusive Leadership.

Build inclusive workplaces with Clary Chambers & Tina Varughese. Your team’s performance is based on the leadership of your organization. When your leadership team fosters a workplace environment of positivity and inclusion, you’re guaranteed to see results in your goals, sales and employee performance. Clary and Tina are dedicated to inspiring your team to make significant strides in developing inclusive spaces. They will provide the tools for better communication, accessibility and diversity. Their insights are invaluable for growing teams and ones that need some “TLC.”

Start your journey to inclusive leadership with Clary Chambers & Tina Varughese.

Winning Mindsets.

Mindset is everything. Successful teams start with a winning mindset. World-renowned health expert, Dr. Stephanie Estima, offers your audiences insights on how to resist fears and negativity, and practice positive thinking. Dr. Estima breaks down the tiny habits we need to create in our daily lives to see gargantuan results in our personal and professional lives. These tiny changes will defeat feelings of burnout and stress, and encourage the motivation and innovation you seek!

View Dr. Estima’s full profile here.