Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate game-changer in the workplace. Although it has sparked fear in many industries, it has also helped leaders reimagine the way in which we work. 

Our expert AI & Tech speakers help organizations understand the power of AI and show teams that they can use it to their advantage rather than avoid it. At Talent Bureau, we connect organizations with expert AI speakers who have navigated the challenges and opportunities of AI implementation and are ready to educate and inspire their audiences. 

Below, read about 10 Expert AI Speakers helping organizations worldwide find their competitive edge through AI implementation in the workplace.

Adam Cheyer- Co-Founder, Siri | VP AI Experience at Airbnb

Adam is an AI pioneer who has greatly influenced how we use technology. His proven track record of innovation makes him the perfect speaker to inspire research labs, startups and tech companies to bring forth their creative ideas to market for them to have the next generation of positive impact on society.

Lital Marom – Innovation Strategist & Visionary

Lital challenges leaders to develop bolder visions for the potential of human and tech synergy. She strongly believes that your employees are the key to unlocking a brighter, sustainable and more inclusive future. Trusted across the globe for her thought-provoking keynotes, Lital will inspire your team to think beyond the box.

Ross Simmonds – Leading Digital Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneur

Ross helps organizations test and implement new ideas for digital marketing growth using AI. He shares the importance of experimentation in innovation and how leaders and employees can use AI to create new products, designs, and strategies.

Iliana Oris Valiente- Innovation and Emerging Tech Pioneer | Managing Director and Innovation Lead, Accenture Canada

Iliana presents unique keynotes regarding tech innovation through multiple lenses. As a corporate executive, she sees first-hand how innovation and emerging technology affect her employees. In her keynotes, she shares her mission to build a future—at home and work—that humans accept, not fear.

Nikolas Badminton – Chief Futurist at

Nik is a world-renowned futurist who can help your team prepare for the future of work with AI. He is dedicated to mentoring leaders to create more connected, curious, and creative teams. With his curated and thrilling keynotes, he helps audiences welcome new tech, identify industry risks, and build fool-proof strategies for success.

Eric Termuende – Internationally Recognized Thought Leader

Eric is an incredibly popular keynote speaker committed to building the great workplaces of tomorrow. His keynotes help organizations redefine their approach to the future of work, leadership, workplace culture and talent management. Eric reminds audiences that with great technological change comes great leadership responsibility.

Guy Kawasaki – Chief Evangelist at Canva & Former Chief Evangelist at Apple

Guy is one of the most recognizable leaders in innovation and technology. He has helped market some of the biggest technology phenomena and educated audiences on adapting to working with AI. Guy’s bestselling book, The Art of the Start, redefined how entrepreneurs should approach their start-up dreams and make them a reality.

Jared Lindzon – Future of Work Expert & Journalist, Globe & Mail and Fast Company

Jared is a highly respected freelance journalist who focuses on the future of work and talent in relation to tech innovation. Based on this writing, his keynotes inspire companies to think critically about the implications technology can have on their workforce. Jared will help your team leaders develop critical thinking skills to find the best ways of effectively merging tech and human skills in the workplace.

Erica Dhawan – Leading Authority on 21st-Century Teamwork, Collaboration, and Innovation

Erica works with clients to inspire them with the new possibilities of the future – the age of AI. In her immersive talks, she provides audiences with the strategies they need to build resilient and high-performing teams that defy the odds while embracing new tech. Erica shows audiences that collaboration can lead to greater innovation.

Duncan Wardle – Former Head of Innovation & Creativity, The Walt Disney Company | Founder, id8 & innov8

Duncan is always at the forefront of new ideas. He inspires teams to challenge how they innovate and embrace technology while remaining human-centric. Duncan will help your team redefine soft skills in the era of AI.

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