Find the perfect keynote speaker for your 2024 International Women’s Day (IWD) conference, event, workshop, virtual presentation or internal meeting. The 2024 theme of International Women’s Day is #InspireInclusion.

March is Women’s History Month — a time dedicated to the reflection and celebration of women, and their achievements throughout history. On March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day to commemorate the political, economic, artistic and cultural impact of women around the globe. 

Talent Bureau collaborates with and represents leading female keynote speakers across many industries. Each one of these women has made incredible strides within their industry to push forward equality. They are forging new roads for future generations through their passion, determination and unique skills.

Authentic Leadership: Taking the Wheel in Complex Times

As an entrepreneur, CEO, and clinical psychologist, Dr. Jody Carrington believes that every successful team must be able to repair and reconnect if they ever hope to serve their clients well. Her leadership style promotes building healthy relationships among her employees to ensure synergy and a positive, dynamic workplace. By combining her workplace and clinical psychologist expertise, Dr. Jody will motivate other leaders to change their team-building approach from the inside out.

Resilience: Overcoming Enormous Barriers And Unleashing Your Purpose Of Passion And Fire

Multimedia journalist Brandi Morin captures the reality of Indigenous oppression in North America from a clearer lens than popular media. As a survivor of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls’ crisis, she uses her experience to tell the story of the rampant violence and gives a voice to those who did not survive. Brandi is an unmatched storyteller and captivates audiences through her passion and genuine belief in her work. 

Reinvention: Building Confidence Through Acceptance

Every one of us will feel stuck at some point in our lives. One day, you recognize that you have followed a personal or professional path that suddenly seems closed off or unfulfilling. Whether it’s a relationship that doesn’t connect in the way it used to or a job that started out being exciting but now feels unrewarding, Arlene Dickinson will help you find a new path that fits the new, reinvented you. 

Bravery: Turning Adversity Into A Tool For Growth And Hope

Wisdom and character are built through adversity. Challenges forged can become assets. But this doesn’t always happen because looking straight at things we don’t want to face can be hard. Amanda Lindhout teaches audiences that acknowledging and integrating adversity reveals its value, meaning, or inherent lesson. A resilient mindset enables profound growth, and tenacity can evolve out of disruption. Resilience is adaptable, flexible and able to respond to the current moment, and knowing how to harness it will help you respond to changing circumstances.

Inequity In Equity: The Shortcomings Of Traditional Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

Investing in DEI is easy. The challenge is getting a return on your investment. Most organizations do not know where to start or where the real pain points exist to enable real returns. In this presentation, Celina Caesar-Chavannes starts with the foundational elements and then shows how most organizations continue to create inequity through clear pictures and examples. Celina’s talks leave audiences feeling refreshed and knowledgeable and give people the tools to overcome the challenges that limit creating real equity and building brighter futures for their organizations.

Celebrate women with Talent Bureau! Book the perfect keynote speaker for your next International Women’s Day event, conference, virtual presentation, tradeshow or keynote. These female keynote speakers have made significant impacts in their industries and are great at inspiring audiences to make positive change in their organizations.