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Despite the popularity of virtual interactions that dominate our lives in the digital age, the power of an in-person event remains unparalleled. Take Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour,” for example. This record-breaking tour has drawn out millions of fans (so far) to attend large stadium shows. Even fans who didn’t get tickets are joining the fun with FOMO-esque tailgates outside the stadiums. And though we aren’t all planning the equivalent of the “The Eras Tour,” our attendees still long for the ability to connect with others “IRL.” 

So, whether you’re hosting a conference, trade show or internal affair, a well-planned and excellently executed event should help attendees to forge connections with their peers, foster meaningful conversations, and create long-lasting memories.

Dive into the process of planning an event that will leave your attendees craving more.


Before you reach out to us to try and book some awesome talent, you need to establish your event objectives – the nitty-gritty. What is the purpose of your event? Is your goal to educate, entertain, or build brand awareness?

Once you establish the foundational objectives, you’ll be able to easily shape the remainder of your event, including your venue selections, speakers or any attendee activities!


“If you build it, they will come” is not the route to go. To ensure a successful event, you must understand your target audiences inside out. There are many great ways to learn more about your audience, including market research, surveys, and feedback from previous events. When you have a comprehensive understanding of your attendees’ preferences and interests, you’ll have an easier time tailoring the event experiences to suit their expectations.

Bonus tip: Keep in mind attendees with disabilities. Cater to ALL attendees. Need help to determine if your event is accessible? Consider a professional! Popular speaker and friend Prasanna Ranganathan is a great DEI consultant, speaker and creative mind. 


Location, location, location! The choice of venue is critical to your event. Look for spaces that align with your event’s theme, objectives and budget. Consider factors such as accessibility, capacity, ambiance and amenities. For smaller events, check out unique or unconventional gems hidden around your city. This can add an extra touch of excitement and make your event stand out.

Reminder: if your event ends late, make sure there are safe transportation routes nearby.

Tagvenue Canada has some cool Toronto listings for you to check out.


Have fun, get creative and keep those attendees engaged.

Our attention spans are getting shorter, but in recent studies, scientists have studied that powerful storytelling can keep audiences engaged for longer periods of time. Your mediums for entertainment via storytelling are endless – keynote speakers, workshops, and interactive activities. The goal is to create a dynamic and diverse agenda. Use tech to incorporate audience participation and encourage activity involvement.

Need help with planning? Our team loves to brainstorm ideas and help you get started on an exciting plan. Reach out to us to kick off program planning at


Sometimes, it’s beneficial to think beyond traditional presentations and discover innovative ways to engage all five senses. Adding elements like workshops, experiential zones, and live demonstrations will excite your audiences.

Many of our speakers offer engaging and educational workshops. Consider:

Scott Wabano: IndigiQueer Fashion Sustainability Advocate & Designer 
Justice Faith Betty: Co-Founder, Révolutionnaire & Community Leader
Sarah Edmondson: Cult Recovery Advocate & Popular Podcaster

Raia “Coach” Carey: Celebrated Coach & DEI Expert
Mark Schulman: World-Renowned Drummer & Motivator
Jamie Mason Cohen: Handwriting Expert & Leadership Coach


Networking is one of the most valuable aspects of an in-person event. Attendees appreciate the opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals and share ideas and stories that could lead to great collaborations, innovations and even friendships. Plan out specific networking spaces, organize icebreaker activities and even smaller breakout sessions during presentations.


Bring your event to the “net” by utilizing social media platforms to generate buzz before, during and after the event. With customized hashtags and location tags, your attendees will be encouraged to post their experiences and stories from your event.

Following an event, keep up with your attendees with non-annoying email campaigns.

Want to learn more about tech & marketing speakers? Reach out to us today to learn about the expert global tech & marketing speakers we work with daily.


There are many great ways to craft the perfect in-person event. It requires meticulous planning, creativity and a great understanding of your audience.

At Talent Bureau, we’ll always argue that a great speaker or celebrity is the cherry on top of a fantastically planned conference, trade show, virtual or internal event. A great speaker can help you highlight the objectives of your event with their expertise and educate your audience. A celebrity appearance or collaboration will attract attendees and add fun to your event.

Have a plan brewing? Let’s get started.

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