Scott Wabano (they/them/he/him/she/her)

IndigiQueer Creative Director & Stylist |  Fashion Sustainability Advocate | CEO & President, WABANO

 A 2Spirit James Bay Cree from the Mushkegowuk & Eeyou Istchee territory, Scott Wabano is a Creative Director, Fashion Designer/Stylist, Consultant and Social Media Content Creator. Scott owns the genderless streetwear brand ‘WABANO’, which they use to educate society about sustainability in fashion and the various Indigenous 2SLGBTQ+ identities worldwide.


Often incorporating traditional storytelling with modern and digital concepts when it comes to fashion, to showcasing the beauty and unique lives of Indigenous and 2SLGBTQ+/IndigiQueer peoples on social media. Scott uses their presence and social platforms to advocate for Indigenous 2SLGBTQ+ youth, remind them of the power of their identity and that their existences, stories, and voices matter.


Scott pursued a post-secondary education in Fashion Arts and Business, which led them to work with fashion brands Vitaly Design, Manitobah Mukluks, and Lesley Hampton. Through this, Scott expanded their fashion career by working as a Freelance Fashion Stylist, styling various photoshoots with the Lesley Hampton brand, leading the styling team for the Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto 2020 Campaign, the National Indigenous History Month 2021 Campaign by Sephora Canada, the National Indigenous History Month & International Day of Yoga 2022 campaign by lululemon Canada, and the US OPEN 2022 campaign by lululemon CANADA. Scott was also featured as one of the faces for the IKEA LOVE SEATS Pride Campaign.


Self Love: Hope, Culture & Strength Workshops

Inspiring the next generation of allies, IndigiQueer icon Scott Wabano educates and connects audiences like few others.  In this informative workshop, Scott focuses on their path to finding self-love. Scott speaks to their challenges and hardships and how those experiences helped them regain power. Perfect for youth, this workshop will educate younger audiences about generational trauma, mental health, residential schools, and the importance of embracing your true identity to love yourself. 

Materials for this workshop are provided by the WeMatter campaign.


What to expect:

  • Introduction & breathwork exercise
  • A personal story + a lesson connecting to the workshop
  • History of colonization and its effects
  • Sharing of mental health resources 
  • How to start conversations
2Spirit & IndigiQueer Resurgence

2Spirit and IndigiQueer culture is resurging in the mainstream, and Scott is the perfect expert to help you and your audience understand the movement and history of these identities.  In this keynote, Scott will speak to the importance of creating a culture of understanding and acceptance. In addition, they will highlight key ways to honour gender diversity in work and school spaces. Finally, they can help your organization build and establish workplace policies that protect gender-diverse people.


What to expect:


  • Introduction & breathwork exercise
  • Personal story connected to the keynote
  • History of 2spirit identities 
  • Introduction of colonization and the gender binary
  • Honouring gender diversity in all spaces (quiz and mock-up policy overview, incl.)
Decolonize Your Closet

Learn more about Indigenous fashion and sustainable fashion strategies with award-winning Indigenous fashion designer Scott Wabano.

This educational keynote focuses on Indigenous fashion and fashion sustainability – including the harmful effect of fast fashion and how our society can change its shopping habits.  Scott dives into Indigenous presence in the fashion industry and educates audiences on how working with Indigenous creatives can help push the envelope on diversity and sustainability. They will talk about important figures in the Indigenous fashion sphere that are working to ensure Indigenous fashion is represented fairly and genuinely. 


What to expect:


  • Introduction and personal story
  • History of Indigenous fashion
  • Colonization and fashion
  • Harmful effects of fashion (quiz incl.)
  • Sustainable & Indigenous fashion today
  • How to “decolonize your closet.”
Building an Online Brand

Scott is a prominent voice in social media, with social pages filled with audiences wanting to learn more about their culture and incredible designs, all while enjoying their light-hearted humour. But, as you’ll learn in this workshop, building a brand is not easy. Scott Wabano takes you on a journey of their social media empire, from entrepreneurship to exciting brand partnerships. Learn about the challenges and lessons about increasing exposure and building a trustworthy, valuable brand online. Additionally, they will highlight what it means to be an Indigenous creator and entrepreneur. 


What to expect:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • How to build an online presence 
  • Protecting your brand
  • Utilizing the power of social media 
  • Social media opportunities
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Adversity / Fashion / Fresh Perspectives / Influencers / Innovation / Marketing / Women / Women in Business / Women-Speakers / Women's Leadership