Jamie Mason Cohen

Grapho Therapist
Leadership Trainer

Jamie Mason Cohen is a leadership and performance expert. He has spoken to many top brands and given keynotes at global business conferences. Using grapho therapy, a type of handwriting analysis, Jamie helps teams to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. 


An educator and leadership trainer, Jamie’s curriculum emphasizes trends in leadership performance, and corporate engagement and culture. He specifically focuses on how each team member can practice effective leadership principles in their daily performances to improve self-awareness, purpose and productivity.  His work has been featured in media outlets such as The Social, Huffington Post, TED.com and GrowMyRevenue podcast. He is the recipient of a Dale Carnegie Business Public Speaking Award, and Winner of a TED-Huff Post International Teaching Award. He is an Amazon best-selling author, and the creator of the online course: Secrets and Strengths in your Child’s Handwriting. 


His TEDx talk on spotting leadership traits in handwriting has been viewed over 1 million times.  In former years, he worked in leadership positions on high performance teams in the corporate entertainment world for Saturday Night Live Executive Producer Lorne Michaels, led crews as a TV director, and created an award-winning leadership development program for educational leaders across many international school boards. 


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We will use the Leadership Culture Survey by The Leadership Circle to take a snapshot of your organization’s leadership culture.  The business world is changing fast. Your business model is changing too. But your team never gets the chance to reflect and adjust. That leaves you struggling to catch up. 

Jamie Mason Cohen, certified trainer at The Leadership Circle, will show you how your people see your culture right now, and how it measures up to what you would like to see. When you’re done, you’ll have a roadmap for change and a new way to focus your leadership development work.


You will learn:

  • Your team’s top 3 data-informed, customized strengths that can be enhanced towards peak performance goals
  • How to instantly apply relevant methodologies to raise the collective motivation of your team
  • Where your remote culture is now, where you want it to be, and what needs to change to get top results

Saturday Night Leaders: How to Solve the Problems Keeping Your Team Up Until 3AM

When time is running out on a project, your team’s creativity can head out the door with it. How do you motivate and inspire your team with tight deadlines, millions at stake, and a constantly changing business landscape?


Jamie Mason Cohen, a former Saturday Night Live team member, has got you covered. He’ll help you apply his sure=proof lessons and skills that are inspired by the longest-running show in US media history! Jamie will show your team how they can adjust and thrive in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.


Each part of the experience represents a day of the week and a tangible step towards closing the gap between where they currently are and where they want to be.

What Your Signature Says About Your Leadership Style

Join grapho-therapist, Jamie Mason Cohen, as he explores the reasons why traditional performance reviews don’t work. In similar fashion to his viral TEDx talk, Jamie will explore your team’s personality and leadership traits in an untraditional way-  through handwriting! Individual audience members will feel recognized for their strengths without discounting their past success. They’ll experience something new and unique because let’s face it, they’ve seen and heard it all before. Your traits are your story. Let Jamie help you write your next career chapter. 

How to Create a Learning Mindset Culture

In 2019, the greatest competitive advantage your team can have is the quick resilience to the ever-changing global marketplace. An effective way to adapt your team? Help them develop a learning mindset culture. 


In this keynote, Jamie Mason Cohen will work with your team to reframe your work culture. Jamie will teach your team to become advanced and enthusiastic learners, that lead to successful business outcomes. 

Co-Created Leadership

Culture is the core of our workplace teams. Conventional leadership keynotes often fail to address stories and learning lesson embedded in workplace culture. Many also lack reasonable strategies that help solve unique problems and highlight opportunities in the workplace. 


Join Jamie Mason Cohen as he guides your team through an unconventional experience- part customized keynote and part riveting town-hall. Leaders of all levels in your organization will walk away with the newfound knowledge of your organization’s unique competitive advantages.

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