Jamie Mason Cohen

Creator of Signature Leadership | Handwriting Expert | Leadership Coach


Jamie Mason Cohen integrates his experiences working for the Executive Producer of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, as a Dale Carnegie Business Training Award Recipient and as a Certified Executive Leadership Coach with The Leadership Circle to help organizations implement creative leadership solutions to boost business performance.


He is a Meeting Planners International NY Speaker of the Year Nominee, and the business workshop that he delivered for Vistage New York received the highest ever rating for any speaker or session in its 14-year history, according to Vistage Chair of the Year, Mark Taylor.


He has been hired to teach leadership and communication strategies to organizations like Novo Nordisk Pharma, Sun Life Financial, Canada Life, Hospitality Human Resource Professionals Association, Meeting Planners International, EO, Complete Purchasing Services, Society of Association Executives, Assante, University of Western, Revera, Ontario Municipality Administrators’ Association, Vistage and TEC Canada.

He is a media commentator on CNN, Forbes and Global’s, The Morning Show on various topics from leadership to parenting. His TEDx talk on leadership has been viewed 2.3 million times (rumour has it 2 million views of those views were by his mom).

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Signature Leadership: Transform the way you lead

It’s too often that leaders carve their paths by learning to follow their predecessors’ steps, turning to the outside to find ways to grow their skills. To unlock your true Signature Leadership, you must start by looking inward. This session focuses on what lies beneath the surface in your unique leadership strengths,  challenges, and purpose so that you can lead your team through change.


Appearing on CNN, Forbes, and the TEDx stage, Jamie Mason Cohen has unearthed unique and accurate insights into some of the world’s foremost leaders. His Signature Leadership process taps into those distinct aspects of leadership that stem from within. Jamie is also a regularly featured commentator on  Global’s, The Morning Show, helping people discover their true strengths and compassionately bringing  immediate awareness to the blindspots that hold them back from moving to the next level.


This session will:  

  • Show you the strengths — and blind spots — that make up your signature leadership
  • Teach you how to communicate effectively with your unique signature leadership style 
  • Grant you a holistic understanding of your team and how to use your unique leadership strengths to transform your culture into one that supports purpose, process, and progress.  
Saturday Night Leaders: What’s Your 11:30?

An organization can’t rise beyond the level of the creative leadership of its leadership team. This is a  potential problem because creative leadership effectiveness is directly correlated with business performance. A solution is to raise your creative leadership effectiveness, which has been shown to raise overall business performance by 30%, according to The Leadership Circle’s verified data. 


What do you get when you bring together one of the business world’s top data-informed leadership 360s and backstage stories of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE? Weaving together invaluable data insights with the fascinating real stories behind the revered creative institution that is SNL, this session will teach leaders and teams how to grow through effective creative leadership in today’s volatile, complex and ambiguous business world.


What kind of a leader will you be at 11:30? Creative? Reactive? or a SATURDAY NIGHT LEADER? 


Your answer to this question is your 11:30. Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and Creative Leadership Trainer Jamie Mason Cohen’s former boss, Lorne Michaels, the Executive Producer of Saturday Night Live, used  to say to us, “Saturday Night Live was not ready because it was finished; it was ready because it was 11:30 on Saturday Night.” 


This session will: 

  • Guide your team on how to apply the four key areas of creative leadership to boost business performance. 
  • Help you identify the top creative competency (strength) that makes you a great leader and the reactive tendency (blindspot) holding you back as a leader. 
  • Show you how to implement a framework to bring a team together to tap into the collective wisdom in the room to solve problems, keeping you up at 11:30 pm.
Business on the brink: How to navigate massive change and constant disruption

This engaging session will provide businesses with timely, actionable real-time guidance on how to navigate the massive change and constant disruption that comes with growth. In every crisis, there lies an opportunity, but sometimes it requires an unconventional — and perhaps counterintuitive — approach to capitalize on it. This is exactly what Jamie Mason Cohen explores in this keynote or workshop inspired by the lessons learned from his social media business series by the same name that helped a company grow by 30%. 


After seeing the need for clear and simple business solutions during times of crisis, Jamie merged his background in media production and his expertise as an executive leadership coach to create a way to help business owners make massive progress on their most pressing issues during times of disruption. As a regular  speaker for the largest network of CEO Advisory Board Groups in Canada and the U.S., who formerly worked  for Saturday Night Live Executive Producer Lorne Michaels, as well as being a certified Leadership Coach with  The Leadership Circle, Jamie has taken his wide scope of experience to equip leaders with deeper  insights surrounding:


  • Practical, real-time guidance on how to navigate massive change 
  • How to turn pivotal moments of friction into progress 
  • How to tap into the collective intelligence of a team to get solutions during times of disruption How to use CHAT GPT for your industry to efficiently adapt during transition
Business Storytelling: How to communicate purposefully, persuasively and empathetically in a bold, new world

Hybrid business meetings, retreats, pitches, presentations and client engagement are here to stay. It might take a combination of delivery forms in the months ahead, but how you and your team communicate is a crucial skill for your team to master both externally and internally. 


Yet so many remote interactions are a cross between PowerPoint Slide Karaoke and random ChatGPT prompts,  a sleep-inducing data dump and a one-sided, poorly lit lecture by wonderful professionals who transform into stiff, unsmiling robots when the computer camera turns on.  

This regrettable problem can be resolved with some engaging and practical training from a speaker who not only worked behind the scenes at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE but is a regular guest TV commentator on CNN,  Global’s The Morning Show, and The Social and who has given virtual workshops to Fortune 500 executive teams, business owners, physicians, professors and other leaders in twenty-one countries.


Learning Outcomes Include:

  • How to build the timeless skill of storytelling for business, regardless of the medium (virtual or F2F)  to persuade any audience, to build culture, to sell, to improve relationships, to recruit, or to create  community through the 4C Framework 
  • How to balance analytical/data-driven messages so that you can connect emotionally with the  audience and reach their hearts 
  • How to avoid the data dump and get your audience to remember your key message that you  want them to act on
Think like a customer, relate like a friend, inform like a storyteller

In this engaging and hands-on session, Jamie Mason Cohen will help you and your team highlight three types of buyers your team is challenged with in a creative and customized way. He will then present your team with highly relevant questions to change how your team thinks about and approaches conversations with customers. 


Each member of your team will identify three actionable takeaways from the session and build them into their individual business plans to track individual growth over the next year. 


A company Jamie worked with significantly grew their market share within six months after the session.


Jamie has worked with leading sales teams such as Sun Life Financial, Novo Nordisk Pharma, and KMAC to understand their customers’ needs better and get transformational results. 


You will gain: 

  • How to think like your 3 ideal customer types 
  • How to envision success, win and have conversations with confidence with these customers Insights into your customers’ needs in order to grow 
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