Since 2010, Bell has been moving conversations about mental health forward.

The organization launched “Bell Let’s Talk” to help break down the stigma around mental health. At the time of the launch, many people strayed away from conversations about mental illness. Despite the lack of conversation, studies showed that millions of Canadian were suffering from mental health issues. Bell Let’s Talk encouraged open conversation between colleagues, friends and family members!

Bell’s initiatives have helped organizations large and small across the country receive new funding for access, care and research from Bell Let’s Talk and from governments and corporations that have joined the cause. Each year on Bell Let’s Talk Day, the company donates 5¢ for every tweet, call, text, social post etc. Bell’s total donation to mental health programs currently stands at $100,695,763.75.

Ten years later, the conversations have changed. People in 2020 are significantly more open to converse about their mental health needs with ease.


Keep the conversation going! Click HERE to view some speakers that can help your organization learn more about the importance of mental health.


Popular Mental Health Speakers for Bell Let’s Talk Day

HUMBLE THE POET, Motivational Artist and Acclaimed Poet 

AMANDA LINDHOUT, Bestselling Author and Resilience Expert

DALE CURD, Host of CBC’s Hello Goodbye

COREY HIRSCH, Former NHL Star and Mental Health Activist