We’re excited to feature some new faces on the Talent Bureau roster (especially during Women’s History Month)! This is a group of remarkable women who push the boundaries of their respective industries daily. They work hard to educate and inspire audiences on stage and screen.

Celina Caesar- Chavannes

Celina overcame many obstacles in her life as a Black woman in business. Her political career was inspired by her passion for making a difference in the world. When she became the first Black person elected to represent a federal riding in Whitby, Celina soon realized that although she was ready to make a change, Ottawa wasn’t. Learn and grow with Celina as she shares her story with you.

P.S. Celina’s new memoir, Can You Hear Me Now?, is a definite must-read!

Takara Small- Tech Expert & Journalist

Takara Small is a gifted multitasker. She appears on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning as a technology columnist, discussing the latest tech trends, breaking news and more. Additionally, Takara is heard on “I’ll Go First,” a podcast which she hosts, and co-produces with the Globe and Mail. “I’ll Go First,” was named Canada’s number one tech podcast in 2018. Takara is also the founder of VentureKids, an award-winning nonprofit that provides free coding classes and startup workshops to youth living in low-income or underserved communities.

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Dr. Jody Carrington


A psychologist and educator, Jody is all about reconnection. Her life is dedicated to improving relationships between people in every form and fashion. She is an expert in trauma and has helped children and families who have experienced trauma to overcome the worst of the worst. Jody’s most important lesson: we are wired to overcome hardship.

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Stephanie Nolen- Veteran Foreign Correspondent

Stephanie Nolen is a veteran foreign correspondent and best-selling author. Her latest work, 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa, has been published internationally and translated into seven languages. 28 won the 2007 PEN ‘Courage’ Award and was nominated for the 2007 Governor-Generals’ Award for Non-Fiction. She is the 2020-21 Atkinson Fellow in Public Policy, working on a year-long multimedia project on the COVID-19 pandemic and inequality.

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Tantoo Cardinal

Tantoo faced many challenges on the road to success in her life as an Indigenous Canadian Woman. Despite these obstacles, Tantoo became a Canadian icon. She had the opportunity to star in many popular films (Dances with Wolves and Legends of the Fall) and TV shows (most recently Stumptown).

Her journey has provided her with years of experience and stories to share.

Jodi Kovitz- Founder, #MoveTheDial

Jodi Kovitz is the Founder of #movethedial, a global movement and organization which helps to advance the participation and leadership of all women in tech. One of the most influential business leaders in Canada, she helps companies, individuals and industries tackle major, necessary changes through clear vision and voice. Her role in elevating the voices of those least represented in business has been pivotal over the past 5 years.

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Celebrate women’s voices with Celina, Takara, Jody, Stephanie, Tantoo, Jodi or with any of the diverse superwomen on our roster!