Jodi Kovitz

CEO, HRPA (Human Resources Professionals Association) | Founder, #MovetheDial  

Jodi Kovitz is the Founder of #movethedial, a global movement and organization to advance the participation and leadership of all women in tech. Jodi has been featured in Forbes Women, the Globe and Mail, Report on Business, on Business News Network multiple times and in the Huffington Post. She has been named twice one of Canada’s Top 100 most powerful women (2017, 2019), the IABC/Toronto Communicator of the Year (2019), a top 25 Women of Influence in Canada (2018) and a Toronto Adweek Brandstar (2018).  In 2018, she also co-chaired the re-election campaign for Toronto’s Mayor, John Tory. 


Jodi is passionate about philanthropy and has had the honour of creating #tech4sickkids, an initiative to raise $25M to build the most innovative emergency suite and AI services in pediatric medicine in the world out of Toronto. She is also on the board of Toronto Global focused on Foreign Direct Investment in Canada, and sits on 4 advisory boards of tech companies. Jodi’s first book was released in 2020, “Go out of Your Way: How one small act can move the dial in life and business”, which was endorsed by Sheryl Sandberg and she is the host of the podcast “Joyful Sundays”, a show focussed on living your best life.


Jodi holds an HBA from Ivey and an LLB from Osgoode Hall Law School.

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Balance in Business


Jodi shares insights and anecdotes to help audiences better balance the many competing priorities of life and business through intentional focus and practice. She points to common challenges and the hurdles we continuously need to overcome while offering exercises and practical tactics you can take to better achieve your goals. While balance is elusive, and a misnomer given the intense pace of our work and world, with focused intention, focused attention and clarity around what matters and why we can all take steps to reduce our burdens and feel at peace with the realities of our lives.

Empowerment: Mindful Leadership


Jodi explores several keys to leadership and how, through empowering those around you, individuals can achieve more and create success for all. There is a fine balance of introspection and a focus on mindfulness, with an unwavering focus on supporting and building up those around you. These insights apply within teams, organizations, across industries and at home all in a very similar way.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion requires Authenticity 


There has never been a more important time for individuals and companies to get serious about diversity, equity and inclusion.  Covid-19 is having a regressive effect on the advancement and retention of women and historically marginalized groups. The tragic events of 2020 and the resulting rise of the Black Lives Matter movement shone a light on how much work society, companies and individuals still have to do. Many people and companies posted messages and made commitments. But without authenticity, these commitments and strategies will fail. Jodi shares stories and insights on the power of authenticity in building diversity and inclusion strategies that work garnered from building an inclusive global movement advancing women in technology working with a community of over 60,000 and over 50 companies.