Women Speakers

Roberta Bondar


First Canadian Woman In Space


Arlene Dickinson


CEO of Venture Communications


Dr. Jody Carrington


Renowned Psychologist & Bestselling Author


Celina Caesar-Chavannes


Entrepreneur, Former Elected Official and Author


Ann Makosinski


CEO of Makotronics Enterprises Inc.


Chantel Petitclerc


Most Decorated Paralympian in Canadian History


Hayley Wickenheiser


Most Decorated Female Canadian Hockey Player In History


Takara Small 


Journalist & Tech Expert


Stephanie Nolen


Veteran Foreign Correspondent


Jodi Kovitz


Founder, #movethedial


Jessica Moorhouse


Money Expert & Beloved Media Personality


Sage Paul


Indigenous Fashion Designer


Raia “Coach” Carey


Celebrated Coach & Media Maverick


Jessi Cruickshank


Host, Canada’s Smartest Person and The Goods


Dambisa Moyo


Global Economist


Christine Sinclair


Captain of Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team


Jennifer Heil


Gender Equity Advocate


Dr. Sherry Cooper


Former Chief Economist, BMO Financial Group


Julie Angus


First Woman To Row Across Atlantic Ocean


Karina Leblanc


General Manager, Portland Thorns 


Katty Kay


Lead Anchor, BBC World News America


Melissa Sariffodeen


Co-Founder & CEO, Canada Learning Code


Dr. Julia Shaw


Bestselling Author, Evil


Ariel Garten


Founder, Muse


Samantha Nutt


Founder, War Child Canada


Sunny Lenarduzzi


Founder, Be Your Own Boss


Tamara Beatty


Voice Coach Consultant, NBC’s “The Voice”


Zahra Ebrahim


CEO & Co-Founder, Monumental


Michelle Stacy


Former President of KEURIG, INC


Dr. Brynn Winegard


Business-Brain Expert


Jade Simmons


Rockstar Concert Pianist & Trailblazer


Gabrielle Scrimshaw


Indigenous Leadership Expert


Deborah Perry Piscione


Authority on Changing Mindsets


The Hon. Michelle Lee


Former Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office


Taryn Stejskal Ph.D.


Former Head, Nike’s Global Executive Leadership Development


Nancy Giordano


Founder & CEO, Play Big Inc.


Mary Doyle


Rural Advocate and Canadian Entrepreneur Icon


Chantal Kreviazuk


Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter


Mary Young


CEO & Designer, MARY YOUNG


Erica Wiebe


2016 Olympic Gold Medalist


Catriona Le May Doan


Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist


Jennifer Moss


Member of the Global Happiness Council


Heather Thomson


Director of Consumer Behavior, 13 Ways


Kirstine Stewart


Former VP at Twitter Inc | Author, Our Turn
Media Executive


Erin Treloar


Founder and CEO, RAW Beauty Talks


Chantel Chapman


Founder, What the Finances


Devon Brooks


CEO & Founder, Sphere