Josh Dueck

X Games Gold Medalist

Paralympic Silver Medalist, Vancouver 2010

Landed First Backflip Ever on a Sit-Ski


Some spirits are simply unbreakable.


In 2004, Josh was in a life-changing accident that left him a T11 full paraplegic.


From his hospital bed with long months of recovery ahead, it was the initial encouragement from his now-mentor Rick Hansen that helped Josh re-dedicate his life to freedom, adventure and helping those that could learn from his example.


By 2009, Josh was the Para-Alpine World Champion, then won a silver medal in Vancouver 2010 and an X Games gold medal in 2011.


Then came the backflip.


After a year of planning and progression, Josh, his close friends and a film crew led by legendary industry director Mike Douglas, ventured into the Whistler backcountry to build a jump that would help him safely land the first-ever backflip on a sit-ski.


On a perfect blue-bird day in February 2012, Josh hit the jump, soared upside down and landed in the soft snow below.


It also landed Josh on the Ellen Degeneres Show.


Today, Josh lives an inspired life as an ambassador for the Rick Hansen Foundation, an engaging speaker, a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award recipient and a 2012 finalist for National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year.

In unrelated news, Josh’s favourite food is breakfast for dinner: eggs and pancakes smothered in maple syrup.


Transcendence Through Trauma

Josh’s story inspires audiences to let trauma transform them into their best selves.


Embracing Adversity

What challenges us reveals our true capacity. Josh speaks to the ways that we can engage with and embrace our own adversities and help others to embrace their own. With reference to his own experience, Josh shows how to leverage challenging times for future successes, gaining clarity through adversity.


Conscious Leadership

Josh illustrates the way that his story shaped him into the inspirational leader he is today, and offers valuable insight on mastering effective leadership on both a personal and managerial level.



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