Alexandre Bilodeau

Double Olympic Champion 
Associate, Walter Capital Partners

As a two-time Olympic champion, Alexandre Bilodeau is well placed to bear witness to the importance of the mental strength in athletic success. The same strength and determination are required to be able to be successful in any field, especially in business.


It’s the same hard work and determination that allowed Alex to make Olympic history. Even today, he uses those assets in his new favourite field: the demanding world of finance. Competition in business is fierce. The obstacles are numerous, as are the failures.


What if entrepreneurs and business people were inspired by the same high-performance routine as elite athletes to succeed at the highest levels?



Champions come to training with one goal in mind: to be their best. To stand on the top step of the podium, you have to stand out, surpass yourself, train and above all believe in your mental and physical abilities. You are only as good as your next deal.

Failure: a necessary step towards success

It’s when you fall that you learn, improve, refine and adjust. Knowing how to get up is the key to success.

Team spirit

No champion can claim to have won an Olympic gold medal alone. Respect for the team is essential. Knowing how to surround yourself is knowing how to win.

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