Jessica Moorhouse

Money Expert, Media Personality, Podcast Host
Founder, MoorMoney Media Inc. | Founder, Millennial Money Meetup®


Jessica is a sought-after millennial money expert, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, speaker, media personality, host of the popular More Money Podcast and founder of financial education company MoorMoney Media Inc.


Like many millennials, Jessica graduated from university during the Great Recession with student loans to pay off, no job, and zero ideas about how money worked. As it turned out, she wasn’t alone. The lack of relatable and non-judgemental financial advice available inspired her to found MoorMoney Media Inc., a financial education company that includes online courses, digital downloads, events, her YouTube channel, and one of the leading podcasts in Canada with over 3 million downloads – the More Money Podcast.


Jessica is also a regular on-air TV personality who has been featured on CTV News, CBC News, and BNN Bloomberg and she is often quoted as a money expert by major publications such as Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and Financial Post.

Listen: More Money Podcast


Financial Check-Up - How to Get Your Financial Life Together

Are you on track with your finances? And if not…how can you change that? This topic will have Jessica walk you through how to develop your own financial foundation, stop comparing yourself to the Joneses on social media, and plan for a wealthier and more financially secure future.

Investing Today for a Wealthier Tomorrow

Cryptocurrency, NFTs, cannabis stocks…are these the only paths to wealth or is that just what social media is telling you? Here’s another take – investing should be simple and boring. This topic explores the benefits of passive investing, the importance of building an investment plan, and why you need to stop going on Reddit or YouTube for financial advice if you actually want to achieve financial independence.

Money On My Mind – How to Shift from a Scarcity to Abundance Money Mindset

Do you know what the biggest wealth killer is? Your mindset. This topic explores the role that your past, perceived self-worth, and limiting beliefs have on you achieving your big financial goals…and what you can do about it.

Post-Grad Game Plan: The 5 Keys to Kick-Starting a Successful Career

What’s your plan after you get your diploma? Don’t have one? That’s where Jessica comes in to share the 5 keys to setting yourself up for a fulfilling and fruitful career, including choosing the right job, getting paid your worth, networking the right way, and getting noticed so you can smoothly rise through the ranks.

If I Could Travel Back in Time... How to Avoid Making The Biggest Money Mistakes

A mistake is just a lesson learned. The good thing is Jessica is here to share the most important money lessons you should know so you can avoid making those mistakes in the first place. In this workshop, Jessica will share step-by-step how to set up your finances once you land your first job and start building wealth right out of the gate while juggling student loans, sky-high rent, and the parental pressure to become a homeowner ASAP.

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