Chantel Chapman

Chantel Chapman

Founder of Trauma of Money
Founder, What the Finances
Co-Founder, School by K&P

As the co-founder of The Trauma of Money and founder of What The Finances, Chantel Chapman is considered the money teacher you have been waiting for; renowned for her cutting-edge, relatable, and soulful mindful money guidance. Drawing influence from 14 years of experience as a mortgage broker, 10 years as a financial literacy consultant, and extensive research in addiction, behavioural science, trauma, and mindfulness, her distinct disciplines make learning about money the antithesis of anything you experienced through traditional schooling.


Chantel recognized the need to explore the ties between addiction, trauma, and money to help people heal, grow, and strengthen their relationship with their bank accounts. Chantel, with partner Hiroko Demichelis, runs Canada’s only accredited course, certifying professionals in the relationship between trauma and money. Chantel was the lead on building Canada’s first digital mortgage experience with free credit score and consultant on other innovative products with one of Canada’s largest Fintech brands. Chantel is also the co-founder of School by K&P, an online school for creative entrepreneurs that also provides free education for marginalized communities across North America.

In unrelated news, Chantel (not an actor) starred in a short film as the wife of a mafia kingpin along with the founder of Lions Gate Studios.


Breaking Up With Our Money Narratives

If you properly diagnose the issue, the prescription becomes obvious. This topic goes over the many external narratives that influence us. Whether generational, societal, or from our family, Chantel addresses the messages we run into daily and how understanding them will significantly improve our relationship with money. Not taking control of those narratives could result in a series of potential money disorders, like overspending, excessive risk aversion, financial dependency, financial infidelity, workaholism and hoarding money, just to name a few. These money disorders are the actual cause of the consumer debt issues we have in Canada and the US, and beyond the mere fact that we lack financial literacy. This talk will cover ways the ways you can write a stronger money narrative for yourself.

Mindful Money

This topic explores the behavioural science behind our biggest money flaws. In this session, we will be covering the following: eudaimonic well-being, pain of paying, the why of the buy and bringing mindfulness into your financial life.

Credit 101

If debt is a worry and you find credit tricky, this one is for you. This topic breaks down the basics and offers practical guidance to understand and manage different types of debt, a 5-step program to a sexy credit score, and why a top-notch credit score is imperative for financial stability.

Adulting 101

Sometimes you need a clever “cheat” to help you on your way towards maximizing financial opportunity.  This topic is all about real-world applications to help you take on the world of adulting at any age. It will provide a framework to create financial values, goals, and actionable tasks, so you can apply those lessons to your own finances, including spending and saving hacks and a 5-step program to a rocking credit score.

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