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Katelyn Duban

Katelyn Duban is a first-generation farmer, storyteller, and community builder. She has had the privilege of celebrating the stories of Women in Agriculture through her podcast, The Rural Woman Podcast, since 2019. With over half a million downloads, Duban has been able to reach and amplify the voices of rural women to a worldwide audience. […]


Jesse Hirsh

Jesse Hirsh is a futurist famer who brings an outsider’s perspective and literal critical distance, operating from his farm in rural Eastern Ontario. Yet this is no ordinary farm. Wired up with high speed fibre optic Internet, the Academy of the Impossible engages in a wide range of research regarding agriculture, media, technology, and culture. […]


Doug Griffiths

Doug Griffiths is a wildly popular community strategist and author of two best-selling editions of “13 Ways to Kill Your Community”. He has supported, guided and inspired hundreds of communities to create effective change. Whether through speaking and presentations or through advising and consulting, he is dedicated to helping communities across North America find their […]


Dr. Vikram Mansharamani

A researcher, academic, prolific author, entrepreneur, and active investor, Dr. Mansharamani is recognized as an authority on geo-politics and geo-economics, and the interplay between the two. His writings have reached millions of readers globally, leading the 500 million member LinkedIn network to list Dr. Mansharamani as their #1 Top Voice in Money, Finance, & Global […]


Nikolas Badminton

Nikolas is a world-renowned futurist who mentors leaders to create more connected, curious and creative teams that embrace future designs to imagine desirable futures, anticipate unforeseen risks, and strengthen strategic planning. He has spent 30+ years working with leadership at over 300 leading organizations at the frontline of foresight, strategy and disruption – including NASA, […]