Jeremiah Brown

4-Year Olympian

Jeremiah Brown seems to operate on four-year cycles of reinvention: from commercial banker to novice rower, from novice rower to Olympic medallist, from Olympian to Canadian sports leader, and from Canadian sports leader to author and speaker. 


Jeremiah’s national bestselling book, The 4 Year Olympian, tracks his odyssey going from his parents’ couch to the Olympic podium in just four years. Redefining the power of enduring uncertainty and trusting others, Jeremiah uses his story to inspire audiences around the world to rethink what is possible for themselves in just four years.


Through each reinvention, Jeremiah has come to learn that resilience is the skill that underpins them all, and he now passionately helps organizations and people understand how to strengthen their resilience when adapting to change in their own careers and personal lives.

“You need to find a way to overcome bad days, boost morale, and come together as one team.” – Jeremiah Brown


Where could you be four years from now?


Hot off the release of his national bestselling book, The 4 Year Olympian, Jeremiah has recreated his amazing journey into an emotionally captivating experience that has become his most requested inspirational keynote of 2019. 


The passion that drives an Olympian is the same passion that drives a business leader. With his trademark humour and energetic delivery, Jeremiah captivates audiences as he draws parallels between the worlds of Olympic sport and business.


Jeremiah takes audiences on an incredible one-of-a-kind journey of personal transformation and team unity. He challenges common notions of what it means to lead and to be led in the pursuit of excellence. He shows how to adapt to forces outside of one’s control and stay the course when the pressure is on, all while encouraging a healthy dose of self-compassion and humility. Using vivid real-life Olympic setbacks, failures, and ultimate success, Jeremiah illuminates the true markers for success in any competitive setting.




  • Inspire the audience to dig a little deeper, go a little further, and reap far greater rewards
  • Redefine resilience to strengthen one’s ability to endure massive change
  • A new framework for managing interpersonal conflict and team cohesion challenges
  • The one key shift in mindset that will keep you committed to the goal for the long term
  • A powerful reinforcement of the need to stretch individual and organizational goals

Building world-class teams


When Jeremiah travelled across the country to learn how to row and take his moonshot at Olympic glory, the Canadians were defending Olympic rowing champions. By the time he earned an opportunity to compete, the team had fallen to ranking seventh in the world. With the unique perspective of an outsider who joined the team at its lowest point in decades, Jeremiah takes audiences through the dramatic turnaround that saw the team climb back onto the podium. Ripe with lessons on the psychology of performance, and how to maintain great results, and combining real organizational applications as a business leader, Jeremiah masterfully articulates the key difference makers that helped a rebuilding team row its way back to the podium. 




  • Learn the phases of trust-building within teams
  • Takeaway highly actionable tactics to accelerate team bonding
  • The surprisingly counterintuitive approach to getting more out of your team
  • How to command respect for any vision or strategic plan
  • Olympic methods for maintaining consistent, focused, output

Navigating the challenges of reinvention and dealing with change


After winning an Olympic medal, Jeremiah faced his next big challenge – what comes next? In 2015, he was selected by the Canadian Olympic Committee to lead the research, implementation, and development of an athlete wellness and transition program called Game Plan. An international leader and expert in the area of athlete transitions, Jeremiah draws on his own experience with transition post-Olympics as well as hundreds more Olympians interviewed and consulted from around the world. Using these personal and professional insights, Jeremiah carefully deconstructs the components of identity that contribute to our sense of self and general wellbeing, and how to manage mental health risks in the face of overwhelming change. Known for his deep honesty and candour, Jeremiah deconstructs common misperceptions between mental health and high performance and provides actionable steps that individuals and organizations can take to improve one’s mental health in any setting.



  • Destigmatize mental health challenges in competitive environments
  • Framework for developing personal resilience in the face of change
  • Understand the top three team dynamics that support mental wellness 
  • Become aware of how any leadership style can support or harm mental wellbeing
  • Learn case studies from the international world of sport that can be applied to your business
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