Talent Bureau’s Co-Founder, Jeff Lohnes, joined Hilary Corna for an exclusive webinar- Reimagine the Restart. In the session they covered everything from the future of the speaking industry to the current dos and don’ts of influencer marketing during a pandemic.

In case you missed it, we picked out five key lessons from the webinar. Read below!

Think Like an Attendee

How do you create experiences that your community, staff, clients or the general public will actually want to attend? The key to tackling this issue is to think like an attendee and design experiences with them in mind. Brainstorm what you would love to see during a virtual event! Create an experience that is inviting, exciting, full of value and includes “must be there” moments.

Attention Economy

Webinar competition is steep. Many brands & organizations are fighting for the attention of audiences to join their events. So, how will you and your team stand out? With so many organizations having migrated fully to the web, now is the perfect time to polish up your offerings and reevaluate the value that you offer at every touchpoint with customers and clients. There’s never been more at stake, yet the opportunity has never been so great to build and serve huge audiences online.

Focus on Human Connection

People are longing for human connection in isolation. Even though a presentation is virtual, it still is being viewed by other human beings. Find ways to connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Ensure that your event is accessible & interactive. Check out our guide to accessible events here.

Empty Keynotes

Pro-Tip for speakers – Avoid generalized content and lazy storytelling. This isn’t the time. Put your quarantine time to good use and reframe your keynotes to be as valuable as possible. Great storytelling and truly thoughtful and rich content is the only thing that will connect meaningfully.

Be Prepared

Scouts Honour. In isolation, it’s so easy to lose track of time and when relying fully on tech platforms, many things can go wrong. That’s no excuse – the pros must be prepared. When you’re planning out an event, make sure you have a firm play-by-play gameplan to help you meet your goals efficiently. Test out your ideas ahead of time, test the platforms ahead of time, know everything that can go wrong for you and for those tuning in.


Click here to watch the full webinar.